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by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-10

Keyword: Indoor wooden door

The indoor solid wood door is a solid wood door used indoors. It is generally used in a small room and can be installed indoors in a room or a living room.

Indoor solid wood doors are more durable and environmentally friendly, but we should pay attention when purchasing, so as not to buy poor quality wooden doors. In the purchase, we must respect the principle of “seeing and listening”.

'Four look' refers to a look at the finish - paint color and shape, second look at the material - solid wood, three look at work - size specifications, craft seams, four proofs - environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Keeping in mind these four points, starting from this, will not be misled by the salesperson's exaggeration.

The quality of solid wood doors is also reflected in the post-processing, especially in terms of paint, which is one of the biggest costs of solid wood doors. At present, the paint is widely used in lacquer, polyester lacquer and PU lacquer for high-grade furniture. Nitro lacquer is suitable for manual operation and is also used for most decorative wood, but its paint film is thin, the hand feel is not good, and the effect is not perfect. Therefore, at present, 90% of the wooden doors are still made of polyester lacquer, generally six processes such as three bottoms and two sides, which are used for curing and waxing. In short, the quality of the paint directly affects the texture, moisture, environmental protection and durability of the wooden door.

Another thing to remind everyone is that the facade pattern of the solid wood door can also see its clues. For example, the pattern that is too neat and regular is often the texture of the computer, not the real solid wood door.

Indoor door shopping skills - 'one listen'

When buying a solid wood door, you should pay attention to the thickness of the door. Generally, you can tap the front to hear the sound. For example, the high quality and high density of the facade is evenly pleasing to the ear, and the dull voiced sound is poor.

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