Indoor wood door Big Three analysis

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-12-20
The original wooden door, the door made of the molded door plate, is the molded door. It uses artificial forest logs, peeled, sliced, screened, ground into dry fibers, mixed with phenolic glue as binder and paraffin, and then molded under high temperature and high pressure. Advantages of original wooden door as indoor original wooden door 1. Green and environmental protection: phenolic aldehyde is used as binder in the production process of molded door panel, which does not contain free formaldehyde harmful to human body, provide safety guarantee for living environment and human health. 2. Stable quality: compared with natural wood, the molded door panel has the characteristics of tight texture, no cracking, no deformation, and can prevent expansion, shrinkage and warping. 3. Various functions: the door can be divided into single door, glass door, shutter door, sliding door, folding door, mother door and double door. In addition, different levels of anti-theft, fire doors and sound insulation doors can also be produced according to national standards. 4, the effect is remarkable: the surface of the door panel has a delicate, natural wood texture, whether it is coated with oil or paint, the wood texture is still clear, full of wood texture. The set door generally refers to the solid wood as the main material, the external pressure is attached to the medium density board as the balance layer, and the domestic or imported natural wood veneer is used as the finish, which is made after high temperature hot pressing, the composite door with high-grade environmentally-friendly wood lacquer is sprayed. In short, Wood is required from the inside out. From a scientific point of view, it is called 'solid wood composite door '. The advantages of the door as an interior door: 1. The surface is precious solid wood skin, such as black walnut, cherry wood, teak, Sapele, white maple, Rosewood, etc. , with natural and beautiful texture; The wooden skin wooden door is rich in natural texture, beautiful and resistant to collision. 2. The unique advantages in structure make the styles of wooden doors more varied. 3. Excellent environmental protection performance, environmental protection index of products: according to the national mandatory standard GB18584-2001 << Limited Detection of harmful substances in wood furniture, interior decoration materials, formaldehyde emission 0. 5 mg/L, environmental protection can reach E1 level. 4. The stability problems such as deformation and cracking of solid wood doors are well solved, and the sound insulation and heat insulation effects are better. 5. The door covers used in high-grade solid wood composite doors are all processed and manufactured in factories. The installation is simple and quick, and the painting and noise pollution on site are directly exempted. 6. Only the finished solid wood composite door is convenient for decoration, and can be perfectly matched with furniture and decorations in style and color to show the owner's understanding of the living environment to the maximum extent, the taste and pursuit of life style. Paint-free door is a kind of composite door with keel in the middle and high-pressure adhesive and living on both sides with MDF. The main surface layer is PVC or Pu board. The paint-free door has the advantages of being an interior door. 1. It has the texture of logs, various color changes, and has the requirements of modernity, individuality and environmental protection. 2, the surface of the product is smooth and bright, free of paint, can avoid the terrible consequences of toxic gases emitted from the air after using other decorative materials to paint. 3, one-time molding, short construction period, using high-quality imported raw materials to develop paint-free decorative materials, it has the advantages of anti-collision, non-spontaneous combustion, anti-insect, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, good maintenance, non-toxic, tasteless, non-polluting and so on. 4, the construction is convenient, can be cut, can be sawed, can be created, can be nailed.
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