inside the courtroom where two irish rugby players stand trial for alleged rape

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-11
In Court 12 of the royal court of Belfast, The Observer walked through the double-panel wooden door and immediately faced --to-
When they wait for the start of the day\'s procedure, face family and friends on both sides.
Unlike the four courtyards in Dublin, which have ancient mahogany benches, ancient stone floors and mosaic tiles, this building on Belfast St Chichester Street has a distinct modern aesthetic --
Results of recent fixes.
It is also significantly different from the spacious Dublin court on Park Street, where serious criminal cases are heard in the South.
In the north, court 12 is the largest court in the Laganside court complex, which also has a security court and other specialized courts dealing with less serious cases, this was ruled on issues such as family law.
Witnesses and family members sat next to the media.
Outside the room, separated from the main court with thick glass.
On the left is a small door through which Irish rugby players Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olin and others pass.
Defendants brane McRoy and Rory Harrison walk to the dock every day to take a seat.
A court security guard received them and, as a routine security measure, he quickly took them off.
Then they sit together, four people in a row, with their backs facing the media, family, friends and other attendees, maybe 30-
40 people crowded in a relatively small space.
The defendant sat in a glass enclosure in the middle of the court, separated from the front of the court.
There was a call for silence, and the court was ordered before Judge Patricia Smith, dressed in red and purple robes, to sit on a bench at the top of the court.
In front of the dock where the defendants were sitting, the prosecution and defense lawyers were sitting there, and their documents and notes were circulated in front of them.
On their left, 12 people.
Nine men and three women-
Take their position in the jury.
On the right side of the dock and the solicitor\'s table, a royal blue curtain was pulled tight, covering the witness\'s seat, where the alleged victim, in addition to the lawyer, sat on the judge and jury.
She appeared on a big screen in front of the TV.
It is tilted, so it usually points to the defendant on the dock, but it can also be seen by the media, family and friends behind the court.
As the defendant\'s legal team continues to cross
Check the accused victims and ask questions in personto-face.
The trial is expected to last five weeks.
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