inside the royal mansour: what it\'s like inside a hotel designed by a king

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-14
Once you land at the amazing new Menara Airport in Marrakech, you will feel the coming things (
Rated as one of the most beautiful cities in the world).
As soon as you got off the steps of the plane, you gracefully --
Well dressed officials will meet with you in the blink of an eye to \"escort\" you through passport control, baggage hall and customs.
When everyone else is in line and staring at you with envy, you walk out of the door and into your rose --
Gold Range Rover before they say \"ahlan.
You don\'t live in the palace every day, but that\'s what Royal Mansour is.
Free Construction (
No budget)
At the request of King Mohammed VI of Morocco, this is a true display of the country\'s traditional artisans and ancient architectural styles.
He conceived the idea of \"Medina of Medina\" to show the historical craftsmanship and skills of his people, and hired about 1,500 artisans and women who had been working for more than three years
The result is an epic masterpiece of luxury, undoubtedly one of the most important luxury hotels in the world-setting standards for others, where Moroccan kings often host guests.
Once the gate-a huge cedar and bronze-opens, you enter a different, more peaceful world.
It may have been found just inside the crumbling Medina walls of the city-but the heat, noise and chaos found on this delicate old town have not been replicated.
Found in a five-acre fragrant garden designed by Spanish landscape architect Luis Vallejo, your first attack on the senses is through fragrant flowers everywhere.
As you stroll through the perfect \"alleys\" and winding paths, roses, gardenia and honeysuckle can smell the air.
There are tall palm trees, lemon trees and fresh mint, plus their own spicy notes, as well as cascading fountains and lily ponds that take you into the fairytale worldlike realm.
Each guest is staying at one of 53 private Rose hotelshued riads.
They and Butler (
This is a royal residence)
Spread across three floors, each with a spectacular rooftop terrace with its own pool.
Inside, it is as gorgeous as you think: velvet, silk, brocade and organza are the first choice of textiles, so the effect and feeling are one of the luxury.
Each riad may have its own unique design, but they are full of the best details, one
In addition to the most upscale accessories furniture and money can buy.
You enter your own mini courtyard through a jade
Green wooden door.
Look down at the most greedy people-
Color Zellige tiles.
In the living room, when you are immersed in the atmosphere of carving Cedar, you can ignite a bright fire
Dyeing of wood blinds frame
Glass windows, velvet sofa, silk decor, mother inlaid on pillows and tablesof-pearl.
Not enough superlatives to describe multiple
All of this has a layered effect.
On the first floor, you can find the bedroom.
I call it dark, comfortable, treasure-filled-just like the Royal Room of the last few years.
There is something interesting no matter where you see it-the walls are covered with complex tadelak plasterboard, suede lint and silk carpets covered with polished tile floors and the door is framed by hand
Painted arches-dazzling.
The bathroom is also luxurious.
Waiting on the marble countertop for a great deal of luxury MarocMaroc toiletries, no surface remains the same-decorative reels engraved on the glass shower screen, marble inlaid with granite, carved wooden doors are covered with thick Taft curtains.
It\'s best to spend the night on your roof.
Even in winter, the temperature at smarrakech is mild.
You can hear the call of prayer from the spires of the nearby kutubia mosque, at the top of the palm trees, you can immerse yourself in the hot weather
Bathtub, watch the sunset in the pink city, or dine under aBedouinstyle canopy.
While on the face of it, Royal Mansour sounds as ostentatious as it is, it is equally contradictory and perhaps equally cautious.
Each riad is assigned no less than 10 employees, with a total of 500 employees throughout the resort.
However, you will never see these tunnels due to an underground service tunnel system, and the privacy of the guests is treated as allimportant.
Jumping out of your room for half an hour, you\'ll come back and find a plate of sweets waiting for you, anything messy to put together, and your exotic fruit bowl, you can never hear the cry of room service.
If you think the private space is luxurious, wait until you start exploring the public area.
It can be fantasy sometimes, but so is Royal Mansour-
Taste the touchstone with it is true, not \"bling \".
For example, the main courtyard-with its own retractable roof-is very gorgeous, but its arches, intricate Plaid works and priceless antiques are all placed around the water, quoting eternity
None of the previous guests will believe that the product will be improved.
But the biggest news of the year is the opening of le Jardin, a new pool area with stylish huts (
More like mini-houses)
Bar area and restaurant.
Under the supervision of Michelin, the hotel has provided awesome food
Star chef Yannick Alleno, Le Jardin offers an Asia-
Inspiration menu and get design inspiration from the Berbermeets-
Moorish architecture.
The new garden adds to the already green landscape, which is fun to wander around.
Olive tree grid reference age-
Old historical botanical garden located in western Marrakech.
Palm Grove offers cool corners while orange-
Flowers bloom in the sunlight, and jasmine flowers are scented in the evening air.
The core of the new swimming pool is: 30 m long, surrounded by 7 luxurious poolside pavilions (
Hotel guests and daytime visitors can rent).
Their contemporary designs also refer to the art of Morocco-the floor is covered with fine Berber carpets, beautiful pouffes and elaborate patterns.
Considered one of the most luxurious hotels in the world. With the opening of Le Jardin, royalmansour raised the stakes.
Le Jardin is Yannick Alleno\'s fourth restaurant at the resort and one more
Stories from the past.
The famous chef designed 60 new dishes around the 14th-century writer Battuta\'s coal \"slow cooking\" technology purchased for Morocco, the focus is on \"Fire\" cooking recipes and contrasting \"raw food\" options.
You can expect a menu full of food: choose from a creative salad (
Think about it: the salmon and quinoa poke bowl and the painful Bagina with Nicoise trim)
Delicate snacks (
Note: you will want to re-order tuna pizza again and again).
Sashimi, nigri and sushi are a great choice for a light lunch, but the main attraction is the \"fireplace\" section.
From tiger shrimp with spicy honey to black cod Xijing-this is one of the menus that proves impossible to choose from (
Everything makes you mouth watering).
When you are drifting outside, in the high shadows, the Terracotta Warriors --
Painted walls make it so easy to feel so comfortable that you don\'t want to walk out and explore.
There is mint tea in the deluxe tea room to drink, and enough drunk --
The interior details worth mentioning make you eager to redecorate your place at home.
The traditional cuisine offered by La Grande Table Marocaine will be one of the best food you have tasted and one of the award-winning foods --winning, all-
The white spa is undoubtedly the most unstable place in the world, and it will attract you with its care service.
The warm and friendly staff will meet all your needs (
The people you will meet are dressed in Moroccan haute couture designed by Albert Oikkonen
Fashion designer
Another example of a fine
Tuning throughout the hotel).
But you have to go out.
Marrakech is a magical city that must be experienced by getting lost in Medina, visiting the city\'s outstanding gardens and a day trip to the Atlas Mountains.
If you have a chance and have a budget, make a straight line for theoyal Mansour-the place most worth the rest.
Even one night.
It redefines the concept of \"More, More\"-the real essence of inspiring travel.
Royal Mansour Hotel is £ 780 per night with breakfast. royalmansour.
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