Install the wooden door need how to measure?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-08-18

before installing the wooden door, check the amount workers should measure the door opening, make the wooden door, but should consider some factors when measuring the doorway, otherwise install door will have a lot of trouble. Requirements of finished product wood door opening size accurately as possible. In order to reduce consumer subscription cost, regular brand will sluice or hole width, height, thickness, classified as standard sizes, so need to understand the points for attention on the construction site, the following take you know about the wooden door manufacturer.

1。 Door openings need to complete the vertical wall and did not tilt, the thickness of the wall around the same, and in the vertical end face. Otherwise, the door might be improper installation or line seam between wall and may not be uniform and size may be uneven.

2。 Measuring personnel will be according to the actual measure the hole size of put forward the corresponding improvement requirements. Please make sure the production and the size of the mounting holes, and carries on the construction team and the rectification of the construction by the customer.

series door with different structure size. When laying on the ground, must pay attention to the different materials ( Floor and floor, the floor and masonry location) The boundary of the position. Avoided in door leaf fell on the floor of two different materials.

3。 If the customer the blank wall thickness, the width or height and standard sizes don't match, the client's construction team needs to build the product before the door of the installation is complete. It can use material modification, brick, such as adding/check. Shear wall, increase/decrease door openings, etc. Avoid finished product door cannot successful installation.

4。 If the height difference between the hall and kitchen and bathroom floor, should be determined by the surveyor in the process of measuring the size of the ground, and the measurement shown on the page, in order to prevent the error during the installation process. The emphasis here is on the, decoration level height is the only ground size and opening the actual height of the reference standard. Therefore, measurement must be clearly and accurately mark adornment is horizontal.

5。 The door of the installation is complete, the installation of the casing end face and the hole must be 10 - The installation of 25 mm glue joint.

6。 Stone (measurement should be laying the ground before the door Also known as the stone door) 。 If there is no complete measurement, should be determined by the surveyor road surface and the size of the pattern, to avoid the size deviation. Must be laid before installing the wooden door. Otherwise, the height of the door may change or door gap may be too big.

7。 Customer or appointed agent signed measurement after order confirmation and sign the sales contract, if the door size changes, should immediately contact the sales staff to another measure, the surveyor will not accept customer notification. If the request is changed, the customer need the signature and confirm it. However, when the product into the actual production and after fine-tuning, due to size changes, when need to processing, the customer will bear the rework cost.

8。 General wooden door is finished product door. After the completion of the coating, due to the change of scene, cannot be modified at the installation site. After the installation is complete, if there are small space between the casing and the wall, the site construction team need to be closed to deal with metope. If you need to glue, is beyond the scope of the finished product door installation.

9。 10 days before the installation, the surveyor should be chosen according to the situation whether or not to test, to determine whether or not the size of the opening scene has been corrected according to the requirement of the inventory. If not, the installation will continue.

the above is the content of the wood door manufacturer to share, I hope it can help you, to learn more relevant content, can watch the other articles.

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