Installation conditions of finished original wooden door

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-12-17
At present, there are many finished original wooden doors in the wooden door Market. Their sizes and styles are all finished, not customized, customized original wooden doors they will have chosen the best installation conditions to customize the design at the time of installation, but there are also certain restrictions for finished wooden doors, the following runchengchuang exhibition will solve the restrictions on the installation of finished wooden doors. Conditions for installation of finished wooden doors 1) Hole inspection: The verticality, flatness and diagonal errors of the hole should be within the allowable deviation range of construction, otherwise they should be adjusted and repaired. Check whether the firmness, quantity and spacing of embedded wooden bricks meet the requirements, and the spacing of wooden bricks is not more than 1. 2 m. The light partition wall shall be preset with concrete blocks of wooden bricks to ensure the firm installation of its doors. 2) Before installing the door frame and fan, check whether there are any defects in channeling angle, warping, bending, splitting and wood. If there are any of the above conditions, they should be treated. 3) The side of the door frame against the wall and against the ground generally needs to be painted with anti-corrosion materials, and other sides and doors should be painted with clean oil. After brushing the oil, the classification code is flat, and the bottom layer should be leveled and padded. Each layer of frame and frame, fan and fan between the PAD strip ventilation, such as open-air stacking application of felt cloth cover, not allowed to sun and rain. 4) The installation of the door frame shall be carried out according to the requirements of the drawing opening direction after verification of the drawing size, and the cutting direction shall be paid attention to during installation.
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