interior to spend $139,000 on new doors for zinke\'s office

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-25
The Interior Ministry plans to spend more than $139,000 on new doors and repairs for the Sec.
Ryan Zinke\'s office in Washington, D. C. C.
The agency confirmed to ABC News on Thursday.
This is the latest in a string of suspicious agency fees from President Donald Trump\'s Cabinet leaders.
Last week, the Department of Housing and Urban Development canceled an order for the Sec $31,000 catering package.
Office suite in Ben Carson
Federal contract records show the Home Office signed an order for $139,669.
68 was described as the \"Secretary\'s door\" in November \". 6 of last year.
The order was supposed to be completed by the end of that month, but was later amended to be completed by the end of January.
Interior Ministry Spokesman Heather Swift said in a statement that before The Associated Press reported on Thursday, Minister Ryan Zinck did not know the order and agreed that it was too expensive.
The Associated Press first reported the story.
\"As part of a decade, the Ministry of Interior\'s occupational facilities and safety officials have requested this project --
Long-time modernization of historic Rooseveltera building.
\"The secretary is not aware of the contract, but agrees that it is a large sum of money for Demos, installations, materials and labor,\" Swift said in a statement from ABC News . \".
\"Between regulations that require historical protection and outdated government procurement rules, from pencils to printing to doors, the cost of everything is astronomical.
This is a perfect example of why the secretary thinks we need to reform the procurement process.
\"According to a statement by Joe Nassar, the order has planned to replace three double doors in the secretary\'s office since last summer, the director of the Interior Ministry\'s Office of Facilities and administrative services.
Nassar said in his statement that the two sets of doors outside had been out of repair for years and that in bad weather air and water would enter the office, damaging the wood floor.
The order will replace those with fiberglass and repair an internal set of departments while retaining the existing fixtures.
About 11 years ago, the doors were replaced for the last time, he said.
\"Considering that there are two sets of double doors, the doors must be customized and they must meet the requirements of the historical building, including two sets of door frames, and the cost is reasonable. \"The current structure and installation are demonstrated,\" nassar said in a statement . \".
\"In order to control costs, the contract documents include requests for the use of existing door handles, locks, and latches.
The contract and amount also include the repair of the internal double door opening.
\"Zinke\'s travel expenses have been reviewed, which is a problem with several other Cabinet officials.
The inspector general of the Ministry of Interior is currently investigating whether all expenditures of Zinke have followed the appropriate procedures.
A Democrat on an internal oversight committee quickly stepped in on Twitter and asked Zinke to explain the cost.
Democratic representative.
Adam Shif wrote on Twitter, \"Think about how many restaurants simk has rented with this wallet\" or a private jet.
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