Introduction to advantages of solid wood door customization

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-12-22
Most wooden doors made by carpenters are inferior to finished wooden doors in appearance. Whether it is surface treatment or various construction techniques, the limitations of woodworking site construction are large. After all, the site is not as well-equipped as the factory. The finished wooden door has its own factory, with a complete set of facilities and production process, and the appearance of the wooden door is more exquisite. Professional wooden door production factory, wooden door factory direct sales, Foshan wooden door factory product performance wooden door built on the spot is more reliable in product performance, and how to say it is also handmade, not as delicate as finished wooden doors. Foshan wooden door factory wholesale, Foshan wooden door wholesale environmental protection most finished wooden doors in environmental protection is able to meet the relevant national standards, the only problem is that the materials used for wooden door products can only listen to the words of the merchants, can't you just open the new wooden door and have a look? Therefore, the integrity of merchants occupies a large proportion in this process. The wooden door built on the woodworking site allows the owner to clearly see the materials used in each process, from the plate and veneer to the paint and putty, all the materials can be monitored by the owner himself, and the environmental performance is naturally needless to say. Tips for accepting custom wooden doors 1. Look at the Gap: Solid Wood sealing line, corner line, waist line veneer touch seam does not exceed 0. 2mm, the line and the line clamp angle seam does not exceed. 2. Look at the cabinet door: whether the cabinet door switch is normal. When the cabinet door is opened, it should be light and free of noise. 3. Look at the leveling: the surface of the woodworking project should be guaranteed to be smooth, without drums or broken. Foshan wooden door factory wholesale, Foshan wooden door wholesale 4. Look at the Mosaic: whether the mosaic is tight and accurate. The correct wooden mosaic should be seamless with each other or maintain a uniform distance. 5. 0. 3mm, veneer and board touch seam does not exceed 0. 2mm, the whole surface error of sliding door shall not exceed 0. 3mm. 6. Look at the structure: whether the structure is straight and flat. Regardless of the horizontal or vertical direction, the correct woodworking practice should be straight and flat. 7. Look at symmetry: whether the symmetry woodworking project is symmetrical. 8. Look at the corner: whether the corner is accurate. The normal corner is 90 degrees, except for special design factors. 9. Look at the curvature: whether the curvature and roundness are smooth and smooth. In addition to the single, multiple identical shapes must ensure the same shape. To sum up, it can make everyone realize the advantages and benefits of solid wood doors and make more reliable choices. Welcome to contact us, we sincerely serve you.
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