is the obama administration angry with fox news... again?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-27
You may remember that last fall, the president and his team severely criticized Fox News for being unfair, which led to a fierce exchange between FNC and the White House, which made our ratings a bit high.
And then things disappear.
But now the oil spill has messed up the waters again.
I apologize for this bad pun.
Earlier this week, Cavuto\'s show began its latest round.
President Bush\'s point of view on Hurricane Katrina, Michael Brown, said this is about President Obama\'s position on the oil spill:
Start Video Editing)
Michael Brown, former director of the federal emergency response agency: if the wind is right, it will rise along the East Coast.
That\'s exactly what they want, because now he can cater to the environmental activists and say I\'m going to shut it down because it\'s too dangerous.
When Mexico and China and other countries conduct exercises in the Gulf region, we will be shut down. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Now, I don\'t think Sir.
Obama wants the oil spill to expand.
In fact, I usually deny this conspiracy theory. But Mr.
Brown\'s point of view annoyed the government, and when Wendell Gore, our White House staff, asked a question, it came up:
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White House correspondent Wendell Gore, Fox News: As for those critics who call this your Hurricane Katrina, is there any-
White House press secretary Robert Gibbs: can I say that?
I saw Fox yesterday.
I really don\'t want you to go there.
Gibbs: But you opened two doors. Look, I\'m here.
It\'s not just Fox saying it\'s your Katrina.
Gibbs: No, no, but Fox was interviewed by Michael Brown in a very special and unique way.
You open it and I have to do it, sir for those who have not revealed the big secret
Brown, director of the federal emergency response agency under Hurricane Katrina, hinted at Fox, but that\'s not the case.
I would edit to say that this leak did not seem to have been really hard pushed back and was deliberately leaked in order for us to take back our environmental and drilling decisions and that the leak we deliberately did was out of control, it\'s too big to control now. (END VIDEO CLIP)
So my question is: why does the White House care what Michael Brown says?
Listen, we can\'t control what the guests say.
Kavuto actually stood up for the president in an interview with Brown.
So the \"talking point\" sees the deal as false, a rumor, a disguise.
Fox News has always been President Obama\'s strongest media, and he doesn\'t like it very much. Understandable.
But the White House made a mistake, proposing stupid things like the Brown agreement.
I always tell these people, sir.
Bring it here if you have beef.
If you think you are treated unfairly, we will give you enough time.
But let Wendell Gore take a break with our journalists.
They are fair and not worthy of contempt.
I would be happy to accept the pressure.
This is the memo.
\"Idiot & PatriotsEighty-eight-year-
Old Betty White will host \"Saturday Night Live\" on the upcoming weekend \".
This is a promotional film:
Start Video Editing)
Actress Betty White: Hi.
I\'m Betty White, and this week I\'m hosting \"Saturday Night Live\" with music guest Jay\"Z.
Kirsten wiig, crew member for Saturday Night Live: I have to say, you look great and you\'re sharp and you haven\'t missed any beat over the years.
White: You\'re so cute, Jay. Z. Wig: Thank you. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Because she has a lasting talent.
White is a patriot.
Click here to watch \"Pinheads & Patriots \"!
On the needle side, we know it\'s too easy, but the crazy Iranian president has once again surpassed himself. (
Start Video Editing)
ABC News: Would you be enthusiastic about Osama bin Laden if you knew he was in Tehran?
Will you fire him? Would you. . .
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (
By translation)
I have heard that Osama bin Laden is in Washington, D. C. C.
No, you don\'t.
Yes, I know.
He was there because he was a former partner of Mr. Bush.
In fact, they were colleagues in the past. You know that.
They work together. Mr.
Bin Laden has never worked with Iran, but he hasBush. (END VIDEO CLIP)
As Ahmadinejad is already in the flat Hall of Fame, this is just another reminder why. —
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