is this oldest house for sale in the us? new england cottage that was built in 1694 and survived an attack by native americans goes on the market for just $549,000

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-15
The United States may have been established in 1776, but many people lived here before that, and many buildings still stand today.
In New England, there is a house built in 1694 square meters, probably the oldest house in the market at present.
The house in Georgetown, Massachusetts is a classic example of first-time architecture and is now sold for $549,900.
The house is included in the National Register of Historic sites, but as long as federal funds are not involved, it does not limit what owners can do with the House, although potential buyers need to check with the state historical protection office before planning any renovations. The three-bedroom, 2. 5-
Hotel Bath is called Hotel DickinsonPillsbury-Witham House. Sit in an 8. 5-
Lots of acres, it also comes with the 18 th
Century barn and cottage.
In the past, the owners eventually expanded the residence twice, adding the residence on both sides of the main structure.
Chimneys and rooms on one side, including a unique enclosed staircase, are all part of the original building.
Recently, the owner updated the kitchen, including the gas stove, the fireplace and the door to the fence --in patio.
But the house retains many of its original features, including a number of fireplaces, wood floors and woodpaneled walls.
Outside, the barn also had original hardware and an attic with exposed wooden beams.
According to the real estate agent
The population of Compast includes inventor Paul Pillsbury ).
The house even appeared in a historical record of John Louis Avel in 1904 about how the house was attacked by local Indians.
In this work, the home has been described as \"biography heir\" since the 17 th century \".
Several features of the House are mentioned, which shows that the house looks relatively unchanged after about 325.
The fireplace in the living room is large with a stove and candle holder hanging on the ceiling.
\"May the house prove for a long time the generosity and thoroughness of our father\'s character of building their buildings and the dangers that plague them,\" Ewell wrote . \". The Dickinson-Pillsbury-
On 1801, Paul pearsbury purchased the Witham house, or 1802, from his uncle Oliver Dickinson.
Pillsbury, a rather original inventor, designed a machine to peel corn kernels from ear corn and bark from cut trees.
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