jimmy rollins hits one into the stratosphere in encino’s luxury home market

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-14
Former professional baseball player Jimmy Rawlins surrounded the base at a recorded house auction.
A trust company linked to former Phillies and Dodgers guerrillas bought an entrance guard in Encino for $10.
65 million, new records have been created for the community.
It is understood that real estate agents in the region said the sale is also the highest in the history of the San Fernando Valley.
Neo-Classicism sitting behind walls and gates
In front of the Vibe house is a horseshoe lane surrounded by a circular fountain.
There are four thick pillars on the front, supporting the covered porch, balcony and gorgeous front.
In addition to the double front door, 14,900-square-
Foot house is open to two people
Story entry with sweeping double stairs and dome ceiling.
The refreshing white walls are covered with wall panels and gold decorations.
Sconces and modern chandeliers provide plenty of light in the room.
Living space includes formal living and dining rooms, theater and wine cellar. The open-
Bi-plan kitchen and family room-
Open the folding door on the ground.
The gym, sauna and indoor pool are also available elsewhere.
The hotel has a fireplace in the cottage, swimming pool and spa, lawn and playground.
A separate room is close to the pool and has a second kitchen and two separate bedrooms.
There are 8 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms in total. The 2017-
The built property went public for $11. 999 million.
Rawlins, 39, is three. time all-star, four-
Golden Gloves time award-
Champions and 2007 most valuable players in the National League.
He spent most of 17 years.
His career in Philadelphia during the season and won the team\'s World Series title in 2007.
The property records of Encino home list the tax billing address in Tampa, Florida.
The house owned by Rawlins and his wife, Joe Harry.
The couple owns other properties in Northern California and the East Coast.
Mark Noah of Sotheby\'s International Real Estate is a listing agent.
Josh Goldstein of Compass represents the buyer.
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