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by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-10

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Jingyi Wooden Door Brand was founded in 2002. It is the earliest professional door brand in China for the research, development, production, service and sales of interior door products. Registered in Hong Kong in 2011, with the help of international location advantages, the product development, The design, marketing, planning and other aspects have brought advanced concepts. In the next five years, Jingyi will be a new step in the product itself, channel expansion and advertising communication, and is committed to the internationalization of the fine art brand.

From the combination of aesthetics and technology, the innovation of science and technology is the cornerstone of sustainable development of the enterprise. The staff of the R&D center of the Group, based on years of work experience in the timber industry, fully utilize their individual skills, combine technology and humanities, and utilize activated carbon. The breathing carbon cake made in the door can absorb harmful gases to adjust the humidity, and proposes the environmental protection concept of “breathing the door”. It applied for national patents and was sought after by consumers, leading the trend of the industry.

The style is modern and simple, full of modern and Nordic natural atmosphere, returning to nature, leisurely and self-sufficient, people-oriented, reflecting the noble and noble pursuit of modern people.

Jingyi Wooden Door's outlets are located all over the country. The Group is based on the long-term. It is believed that only standard operation, honest business, and providing value to consumers are the fundamental competition. We adhere to the creed of win-win with our customers. Provide dealers with competitive distribution solutions, and provide comprehensive, reasonable and accurate marketing support according to the sales feedback of dealers. Provide terminal display, storefront image design, unified planning and unified design for franchisees...

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