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by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-09

Keyword: Sturdy wooden door

Solid wood furniture has always been a popular commodity in the market, and the same is true for solid wood doors. The ranking of the top ten brands of solid wood doors is very interesting. One of the reasons is that it is made of solid wood materials; the solid wood material is natural and environmentally friendly, and it is also very good. Appreciative, strong plasticity, beautiful color, natural wood texture can also be used as a pattern to design, so the products made of solid wood on the market are very popular, and especially the well-known brand products are more popular.

The solid wood door is made of natural wood from natural forests. It is made through a series of drying, polishing, assembly, grinding and painting processes. It has beautiful appearance, natural wood texture, and is not processed. Will use any chemical substance, the solid wood door will keep the fragrance of the raw wood, will not volatilize harmful substances, no harm to our body, have environmental protection characteristics, and the solid wood door is hard and the sound insulation effect will be better. Because the presence of wood grain is more real and natural.

Do you still like the high quality and low price, high cost performance wooden door? The heart is not as good as action! We look forward to your visit!

Product parameters:

Metal material electrolytic plate switch type manual production process molding special purpose fire use range room quality grade high quality water tightness hardness large pendulum impact amount 12 (kJ / O) wind pressure resistance strong compressive strength high tensile yield strength 32 (Mpa ) Flexural modulus of elasticity 25 (Mpa) Color huanghuali, cherry wood processing custom is whether foreign trade is the type of foreign trade export door frame thickness 06 (mm) material metal origin Guangdong product category complete door style European style door opening manual design type home door fingerprint collection Time no fingerprint rejection rate no fingerprint capacity no fingerprint misrecognition rate no opening method push-pull safety level C-level door frame maximum size 88*205*15(cm)mm MOQ 2 Reference price ¥270

◆ Company Name: Foshan Nanhai Juying Metal Products Factory

◆ Trading method: This product supports online trading, and you can enjoy Huifubao fund guarantee service for free; click on the online trading process for details.

◆ Freight problem: the seller bears

◆ Registered capital: RMB 0 million

◆ Annual turnover: RMB 5,000 - 100 million yuan

◆ Established: 2014-06-19

◆ Number of employees: 101 - 300 people

◆ Monthly production: 30000

◆ Plant area: 60,000 square meters

◆ Certification Information: ISO 9001

◆ Main customer groups: interior door agents;

Editor in charge: Wang Feiran

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