jurassic world movie review: fallen kingdom is yet another regurgitation of the original, and it certainly does its best

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-14
\"Do you remember the first time you saw a dinosaur? ” asks wide-eyed dino-phile Claire (
Howard Bryce Hotel Dallas
On this latest cretaceous tour
For many viewers, the answer is: yes!
It\'s 1993 in Steven pilberg\'s shop!
Over the past few decades, the franchise has been pushed underground by two stupid sequels, and then recovered from the extinction, which, to be honest, is basically a remake of the original, no quibble from Jeff Goldbloom.
Well, he came back and said, \"I told you!
The island of dinosaur, which seems to have disappeared, has become a very active volcano, and godbloom suggested burning the animals.
But it won\'t be fun, so Claire and Owen, the animal trainer (Chris Pratt)
Trying to rescue them.
They only have each other and two brave and diverse interns (
Judge Smith and judge Daniela Pineda)
When the rest of the film is filled with such cliche villains, they are almost the fossils themselves;
Say hello to the prosperous Rex, auction-
Red agate, geneticist-
Oden and the old gun.
On Call, ichthy-trigger-finger-saurus.
Fortunately, the more evil the character is, the greater the chance of him being eaten by the whole, or at least, well, the greater the chance of being disarm.
Perhaps the last time he was stung by allegations of gender insensitivity, director Derek Connolly and author of Colin TreVoloA.
Bayona unveiled Howard\'s character \"foot\"
Wear high heels first and then show her in smart boots for the rest of the movie.
They also launched an incredible 10-year-
The old name is Tracy (
New Isabella Sermon)
His unexpected background story could push the whole movie.
But of course, it was the terrible lizard that ruled the film and had a lot of it, including a new model called the Rebel, which is even more mileage than the previous one
And a head-
The thing closest to comic relief in this movie is achy head Dragon. (
Although I smiled in the blink of an eyeand-you’ll-miss-it news-
Crawling on TV: AmericaS.
The president first questioned the existence of dinosaurs \". ”)
Platt\'s dinosaur befriend Blue is also back, and their friendship is equal to velociraptor.
In many examples of excellent editors, the film was edited between Mahi watching the old video of Pratt\'s combination with Baolan, and the adult hero saved the same dinosaur from a gunshot wound through a temporary blood transfusion.
It\'s a tension and character.
There are architectural moments everywhere.
However, there are many moving pieces and not all of them work very well.
After a bit of an unstable start, Bayona managed to get things going smoothly in the island rescue and then arrived at a huge mansion where the relocated creatures were eventually locked up
Although he is a bit too fond of the transport that connects one place to another.
And some hard ones. to-
For example, there is a razor for a rebel --
Except when it suddenly doesn\'t match, it has a keen sense of teeth and claws.
The dinosaur, who instantly bent steel bars and banging brick walls, was blocked by a silly wooden door.
Also, I don\'t know why a character collects dinosaur teeth like trying to finish a charm bracelet.
But there is a way out of life, and so is Hollywood.
Ending with another chapter\'s promise, which seems to be lifted from another long scriptrunning, twice-
Restart the franchise. (
If you wait online, there will be a short bonus scenariolength credits. )
This is not as fresh as the 2015 \"original\", it is itself a clone of the 93-year blockbuster.
But the show will continue as long as the filmmakers are sure they don\'t bite too much.
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