key defence expert flounders at pistorius trial

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-08
I should be fair, but if it is not pointed out that Roger Dixon felt uncomfortable in cross-examination, it is difficult to report the performance of defense witness Roger Dixonexamined.
He was promoted as an expert witness and was a person with special knowledge and experience and did not have any loyalty to one party.
Prosecutor Gerrie Nel spent most of the day trying to prove that he was not an expert at all in terms of evidence of sound, light, fiber and blood.
A former police officer, Mr. Dixon, testified that a recording was recorded showing that a cricket bat struck the wooden door and sounded like a gun.
But he admitted that he had not actually been there when some gunfire was recorded.
When the witness said the recording was made by a music producer, Mr Nell did not seem to believe it.
The gun got stuck when they tried to record a series of shots, and Mr. Dickson admitted he suggested editing the sound of one shot into the quick shot sequence they needed.
Strangely, the prosecutor revealed that he was aware of Mr. Dixon\'s strange suggestion because the witness only discussed it with a few people at the defense meeting last week.
But how did he know that the prosecutor had a mole in the defense camp? Mr. Dickson also provided evidence of how he put the fibers on the toilet door with Oscar Pistorius\'s socks to confirm the story of the athlete\'s attempt to kick the door.
The witness admitted that he did not actually deal with the socks and then revealed that he took pictures of the fibers on the door while he was shown in court during the trial.
He said that the cleaner had cleaned the door earlier, but he added: \"I didn\'t see the cleaner putting too much energy into cleaning the door, and therefore, I analyzed it, think that the fiber comes from the sock on the prosthesis, not the cloth of the cleaner.
During the day, Mr. Nel accused the witness of avoiding his problems.
\"I will be rude,\" he sighed.
Judge Thomas Zile Masipa intervened.
She warned him: \"You must restrain yourself, Mr. Nell . \"
Fortunately, he did it.
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