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by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-10

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Set of paint interior solid wood door manufacturers to the present, gradually from the past imperfections to the current basic improvement, compared to the foreign set of paint interior solid wood door manufacturers management, although with Chinese characteristics, but there are many problems, the first is no More detailed management and so on. To achieve fine management, the set of solid wood door manufacturers in the paint interior can be upgraded to a higher level. The benign development of the set of solid wood door manufacturers must be refined management. Fineness is a kind of consciousness, a concept, a serious attitude, and a culture of excellence. With the continuous diversification of the demand for solid wood door manufacturers in the interior of the paint booth, consumers have undergone major changes in the face of unlimited choices, what they really want and the channels they want to achieve. Sets of paint interior solid wood door manufacturers adhere to refined management, not only conducive to the development of the enterprise itself, but also to the market to provide products that are more suitable for consumers' needs, and promote the solid wood door manufacturers in the set paint to achieve absolute competition in the fierce competition outside the industry. Advantage. Set of paint interior solid wood door manufacturers are currently managed loose, extensive situation, is a piece of hard injury. At present, due to the influx of a large number of advanced management cultures, the management forms of solid wood door manufacturers in China's set of paints are showing an accelerating development trend. Some limitations and shortcomings in the management of enterprises are becoming more and more obvious: The management of many sets of paint interior solid wood door manufacturers is still dominated by extensive and empirical management, lacking a pleasant and acceptable human management method. On the other hand, corporate management work is more focused on the foundation and more emphasis on external In the form, there is a lack of precise grasp of the service object and a detailed examination of the service results. The content of quantitative implementation and quantitative assessment is small, which makes it difficult to achieve closed-loop control for each of the detailed measures of the management of the solid wood door manufacturers. Fine-grained enterprise management requires the following changes. First, the change of the concept of the manager The implementation of refined management is a process of cultivation and self-cultivation. The primary problem to be solved is to instill in all employees the importance, necessity and achievability of refined management, and use all forms to instill the profound connotation of “fine management” into the employees, and comprehensively grasp and understand the soul of “fine management”. The essence. Cultivate employees' pursuit of refined thinking from the root of ideas. Second, the change of the enterprise system of solid wood door in the interior of the set of paints is changed from fine to fine, avoiding the disadvantages brought by the 'extensive' management mode. Strengthen institutional development. Starting from all kinds of small details, following the principles of scientific and practical, reasonable and reasonable, according to the problems and efforts of various aspects, we have designed a set of good systems, and can be implemented in a timely and serious manner. Third, the change of responsibility system Set all the work of the painter's indoor solid wood door manufacturers to make a fuss on the word 'fine', the 'fine' word to work hard, the management responsibility is concrete, clear, procedural, forming a person's association Management, management everywhere, and management of everything. Specifically, it is necessary to decompose the overall responsibility into small sub-responsibility and assign it to each department to implement it. Let everyone be able to remember their responsibilities, fulfill their responsibilities, be responsible for themselves, be responsible for their positions, and develop good behavior habits. Fourth, the reform of the incentive system Sets the interior of the paint solid wood door manufacturers, the face of a wide range of things, in order to better capture the effect, mobilize the enthusiasm of most people, must have a set of accurate, scientific and comprehensive assessment Incentive mechanisms, such as peer evaluation incentives, business training incentives, corporate activity incentives, etc. Special attention should also be paid to the quantitative evaluation of various tasks, and organically combine “quantitative” and “qualitative” to achieve better incentive effects. Intentional implementation of effective management, continuous improvement of self, abandoning extensive management, grasping their own advantages and taking a refined development path, so that each set of paint interior solid wood door manufacturers are developing to a certain height, so that their brand advantage continues to leap , the formation of a Chinese set of paint interior solid wood door manufacturers management of a bright spot!

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