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Pure House designed by Meridian 215.
Photo: Nick Clayton
Source: some families from the Australian news group surprise you.
Recently, when I walked through the front door of the GBP home Meridian 215 display, I first saw the tan --
Color walls, wood
Looking at the floor and the blue and white accent, I immediately thought it was a coastal area
Themed home, perfect for the seaside suburbs of Adelaide.
I don\'t have to go too far to realize I\'m wrong.
Although there are shades of blue and white, there is also the ocean.
The theme picture will not look inappropriate on the coast, which is far from the beach villa.
On the contrary, this big, fourbedroom, two-
The bath house in the northern suburbs of Woodbridge Manor point Valley shows no secret of charm.
Featured tiles from kitchen and ensuite to stone countertops and ripsdrop-
This home is designed as a washbasin in the shape of a turning head.
Of course, I shouldn\'t be surprised considering that a \"big room\" is included in the floor plan.
Pure House designed by Meridian 215.
Source: Design of Australian news group Sterling Homes 215.
Source: News Australia, which may be called a family or living room, so the decision to rename it is a good indication of the tone of the family. And, at 5. 8m wide and 7.
3 m deep, of course, a large proportion of rooms.
It has a special corner of the simplified TV and a wide window on both sides, giving it a lovely, light feeling.
There is also a falling characteristic ceiling that defines the area, which creates a difference in the building.
But this is the huge open kitchen.
The planning area that really impressed me, which consists of Metro tiles, creates a feature along the back wall.
I just love the mix of regular and patterned tiles to create an elegant but somewhat understated look.
The game against Brown
The gray texture of the Essastone desktop computer and glossy cabinets in similar shades, I can be happy to spend a lazy afternoon in this kitchen.
In the Meridian 215 showroom, there is a refrigerator in a separate room in the kitchen.
But with some extra shelves it easily turns into walkingin pantry.
The open living space is completed by a dining area.
Pure House designed by Meridian 215.
Source: Design of Australian news group Sterling Homes 215. .
Source: Design of Australian news group Sterling Homes 215.
Source: Robert Argenio, operations manager at Australian news group, said it was his favorite part of the Meridian 215, especially the welllaid-
The design and spacious windows and sliding doors lead to the lovely outdoor terrace with access to the side and back yard.
\"The living area welcomes you with plenty of light and space,\" he said . \".
\"A key feature of this design is how the kitchen overlooks the living area and dining area and provides ample work table space so that you can cook easily when guests sit at the breakfast bar.
\"The dining area at the back makes the most of your view of the large backyard, and the terrace can be opened to your sitting area, creating the perfect environment for entertainment.
The pure house designed by Meridian 215.
Source: Design of Australian news group Sterling Homes 215.
Source: Design of Australian news group Sterling Homes 215.
Source: News Group Australia\'s second lounge is located in front of the home and offers another home space away from the main living area.
The room is elegantly decorated and the color is perfect for the beach environment, with calm and exquisite atmosphere.
Opposite the lounge is the main suite.
Decorated with fluffy bedspread and cushions, the bed looks comfortable and charming, and the reading corner is the perfect place for quiet contemplation. A walk-
The robe offers good storage but its ensuite, its funky tears-
The styled washbasin and the characteristic wall of the other tile provide vitality.
This time, a tile with a gold leaf design was selected to install one side of the wall and other walls of the shower niche, while a small display step on the adjacent wall was another nice feeling
The main bathroom uses the same functional tiles and pots.
I really enjoyed the flow of these elements throughout the house and added a continuity to the design.
The ratio of the three small bedrooms is good, running out of the separate hallway, away from the entertainment area.
Pure House designed by Meridian 215.
Source: Design of Australian news group Sterling Homes 215.
Source: Design of Australian news group Sterling Homes 215.
Source: The Australian News Corporation corridor is not usually mentioned
It is worth mentioning that this place that also provides laundry service has an integrated storage area that is cleverly hidden using the handle
Free door with the same color as the wall, though shiny.
The Meridian 215 is a modern family, both internal and external, says Robert.
\"The raised roof of the porch and the width of the lounge and bedroom create a strong Street atmosphere and highlight the featured pier,\" he said . \".
\"The modern details of the whole family emphasize the fashion and minimalist style of the family, from the like half
Frameless shower screen, for details such as shaded grooves, for woodworking doors, and maximizing window size through frames and large glass windows on the floor.
The pure house designed by Meridian 215.
Source: Design of Australian news group Sterling Homes 215.
Source: The Australian news group says the family is spacious with a total size of 286.
48sqm, which will be suitable for families with larger children, I can see that there are separate living areas in front and back of the House, as well as luxurious master suites, which will definitely give everyone their own space.
In fact, living in such a magnificent house may make it tolerable for the youth.
On the market: quaint on the edge of the city reminds the past days.
Australia\'s most expensive town was found at Ali Clark\'s home. Walls that look pale in color are always a safe option, but choosing a color allows the room to go up the next floor.
It\'s not necessarily dramatic.
The sand dunes of Solver are used here, the intensity is only half, and the effect is very good.
Fantastic featured walls are a great way to highlight an area, but there are plenty of options besides a can of paint.
In this exhibition, a mix of nostalgic ash decorated satin (1002464)
, 75x300 is used to play a huge role in the kitchen while fixing the Folio Boston-Maple plugin (32833DA)
, 600x300 statement in bathroom and ensuite.
They are all made of Beaumont Tiles.
The end of the kitchen bench is a marble inlaid slate or waterfall, which is very popular.
I particularly like the design, which uses Essastone\'s Fino Veneto in the 20mm profile, highlighting the small gap between the top and the side, giving a modern feel.
Piroga basin in Baggio (14158930)
Gloss white adds something special to the bathroom and the ensuite and proves that something practical like a hand basin doesn\'t have to be monotonous.
The glass pendant above the kitchen counter looks beautiful and does not affect the main function of the kitchen, namely, the porcelain brick wall and the stone stool.
These lamps are Callista es sqt pendants in chromium/cream.
You\'ll love hidden storage features: building cabinets in corridors is a great way to make the most of storage, but their features can come at the expense of beauty.
Cabinets that match the color of the wall, but with a glossy finish, removing the handle will provide a smoother look.
Knockout neutral: a clever combination of various shades of gray, white and brown in this home proves that neutral is not necessarily boring.
If you like a similar palette then this is a good example of how to use the style.
Good Space Utilization: Despite the spacious feel of the design, it is still suitable for the traditional 17 m wide block, which makes it suitable for many landowners.
Facts and FIGURESBuilder: Sterling HomesDesign: Meridian 215 Price: $171,300 including a double garageLocation: on display at Woodbridge Manor, Natasha Avenue, Cape valley.
Open: Sat | Sun | Mon | Wed, contact at one o\'clock P. M. : sterlinghomes John Lea 0439 080 475. com. auDetails: 286.
Total size | 217.
34 square meters living area | 16. 37m width | 22.
19 m depth | 4 bedrooms | 2 bathrooms | 2 living rooms | double garage | 2. 7m ceilings (height)
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