living life on a grand scale

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-12
Hosting a fund-raising event for 200 people will put most people\'s families in trouble.
But when guests come to Kelly\'s and Michael Walton\'s mansion again next month for breast cancer charity, that\'s not the case.
Even if the weather gets bad
Like last year\'s event.
Their Mediterranean-
Fashion home can easily cope with the crowd.
Two years ago, the Walton couple bought the property for the land and the house because they wanted to make room for the pony and their two boys to explore around by motorcycle.
Their dog has room to roam and son Sam can attend classes on his own tennis court.
\"We always have land,
We stayed here for 10 years before we arrived.
Solid concrete residence away from the main road, allowing guests a feeling of arrival by touch
The Pad-controlled electric door, along the driveway, runs through a bridge on the stream, all the way to the house, which has a circular driveway consisting of a formal garden.
Michael said they hired landscape designer Robin Shafer to design a garden that fits the family style.
\"She gave a more organized Mediterranean --
Look at the front of the house and plan all the other gardens to do well, \"said Michael.
He and his son will go out of their way to make this vision a reality. The two-
Storey home features soaring cathedral ceilings, bare beams, colored concrete floors, balconies, large staircase with forging
Iron railings and a big North
Access to the courtyard and pool from the living area.
It was originally built by Dave and Michelle Blanchard, the Real Housewives reality show in Auckland.
They live in two. storey, two-
While building the main house, the bedroom cottage through the circular driveway.
Wartons hedge in order to create privacy between the two buildings, which is convenient when they sometimes rent a cottage.
\"We have a lot of families coming from Australia, so they usually stay in the cabin unless they rent it, but there are always rooms in the house,\" Kelly said . \".
In the quaint double wooden doors of the main residence, there is an office on the left and a real home theater.
\"This is one of the most used rooms in the House,\" said Michael . \".
From the entrance hall, its soaring ceiling, you move north through the living space.
Except L-shaped open-
There is a kitchen, a dining room and a living room, a lounge and a library.
The kitchen is equipped with a cantilever wooden breakfast bar, which leads to a dining room and living space and to a courtyard sheltered by a cool shed.
From here you can move to the infinity pool with your own cottage or walk to the loggia with an impressive forge
Iron chandelier and bright fire nearby.
The south wing of the House has another lounge which used to be a bedroom, bathroom and bedroom.
From this side of the house you have access to the laundry room and the triple garage.
Above the garage is a self
The apartment has a separate entrance with a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and lounge.
A bridge with wrought iron railings passes through the foyer and takes you to the main suite heated by your own gas fire with an attached bathroom and walk-in wardrobe.
They had copper artist Gary Dunn create a fire surround for their master suite, who was also in charge of some woven copper lampshades in the living area and an outdoor sculpture with a needle wheel.
Now that their children are older and don\'t have much outdoor activity, the couple decided to scale down and move south to the Bay on the East Coast.
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