london\'s 10 best bars and what to drink in them

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-13
While it is not difficult to find a decent drink in London, there is no perfect bar.
The reason for getting a place to work one night may be its decline in the next night, and also, when they do too much, interesting things happen.
It\'s hard to say 50 of our favorites, and it\'s almost impossible to reach 10.
There is no special order for the list below.
Scarfe always has a good reason to pack.
From the first difficult times, when it was a den of garishness, it became a place of grandeur, Grace, and respect.
It seemed to surprise them at the last list change, when they charged 10 for a beer-10!
-But things have changed again and they have erased a touch of smug in the price.
Although there are still the wrong people entering the gate (
It\'s hard for lawyers to shake)
Now it\'s mostly low.
Charming Library.
The new menu is a miracle, and the work of Gerald Skaf is still clear and gorgeous (
Sell now, after all the old lists have been deleted).
The mixture inspired by the drawings is more suitable for drinking.
The people behind the bar have been experimenting, fermenting, planting, and distillation.
A naturalist inspired by Sir David Attenborough has a personal look: the background story is in the book, but a spirit made of soil-we\'re not scribbling around-burning the cold on the ice town martini --
To some extent, the intensity of the White and the intensity of the dazzling make Duke\'s bar feel ashamed.
Oh, please follow Prince Harry because this is the season (
Scottish, saffron, fig, ginger).
The music is reliable and good, with regular meetings from nickshankland, who is undoubtedly the hardest working pianist in town.
Roswood Hotel London, WC1V 7 en, 252 High Holborn.
Any of Ryan Chetiyawardana\'s great bars can be on the list, and maybe they should be on the list.
Super Lyan is a dirty Hoxton basement built for beer and trial wine and you will never remember the name.
Cub is one of the most exciting restaurants in London and one of the most sustainable.
However, Dandelyan can be said to be its if-Sweden-did-
Look around Vegas on the Thames.
There is a useful flavor chart on the menu indicating when to eat;
Sadly, there are so many things to do one night, so there are a couple of times to come back as much as possible.
There are a lot of things to love: the nitrate in Manhattan is jumping and spicy, full of red pepper flavors, mixed with a pleasant herbal flavor, while the concrete Sazerac is like its name
Nevertheless, the best thing is the paper clip (
Rye, gunpowder, white Cowherd, paper fiber).
It is strange, unique, mint-flavored, but a bit creamy and slightly oily, though much better than any word suggests.
In fact, they did a very good job with no wine to offer.
On the ground of the month, South Bank, SE1 9PD, morganshotelgroup.
Although the Bethnal Green bar opened only last year, it soon became a new favorite.
The feeling of France (
Thanks for the music attention, though)
, On Calvados, this is an underrated drink (
Just let Steven Gerrard in the bistro Mirey).
Chris Moore, who used to be at the Beaufort Bar (see below)
, Do wonders with things-if the Apple makes you all happy and buzzing, try the Apple and it tastes the same as them.
However, the star drink is champagne pinia corada, a well-deserved award --winner.
It feels great: who put champagne with such a silly little holiday drink?
Still, it works beautifully.
If this song is stuck in your mind, it can only be a good thing.
423 Bethnal Green Road, Cupet E2 0AN. co.
Nice new bar.
It\'s totally gorgeous-not \"built for the \'gram \'way\"-and the menu doesn\'t go into the impressive field --but-
Can\'t drink or relaxanother-clone-of-the-classics.
It was all very grand but also very interesting and it was totally reasonable for the hotel bar.
There\'s a lot to drink here (
Including a large number of English fizz)
They are the right-hand man at mezcal, but there is a reason why we chose the espresso martini here: our experience sums up their attitude towards the guests.
They made a point that was perfectly OK, not too sweet, and not too sparkling, and if not, they would order again without blur and apology.
That\'s how this place works and why it\'s back.
Their sister, the great Bloomsbury Club bar downstairs, is also a must-ask for Brian.
Coral House, 16-
22 Russell Street, Bloomsbury, WC1B 3NN, restaurant. co.
There will be some in the UK who think that American bars are not worth a place on this list, perhaps because it is not entirely about change or innovation. They’re right;
This is not the case, but criticizing the place for such reasons is like thinking about when Cartier will get into the dating app.
For those who won\'t miss this, this is a study of art deco style full of decadent charm, and all the flashing bottles and waiters have given up walking and turned to like to slide.
Classics are their strong points.
Their airlines (
Gin, cherry, lemon juice)
Good support, and the old-fashioned is just like this, there is no modern confusion.
After a few times, watch the night outside with a black pearl (
Scotch, vermouth, chocolatee-mes).
This is the perfect choice for the last drink in the evening.
W1F 7ED, Soho, north west China Street, Jianwai, Brasserie Zedel.
If law permits, it seems that American bars should have a place on such lists.
Given that it is usually declared the best bar in London, there are some \"must-
To be fair, they are indeed meeting the challenge.
Declan McGurk, the bar manager, and his only-completely-
The daunting bar owner, Eric lourlinz, has a changing menu;
Updates are regular and always dramatic, often drawing on the endless story of Savoy, whether it\'s Fred Astaire and his sister tap-
Dance on the roof, or argue with Marilyn Monroe and Lawrence Olivier on a news tour.
Although their innovation is often huge, classic (
Under the menu
Always do very skilled.
Earlier in the evening, there was a Negroni-a favorite of the bartender Pippa guy, who said: \"It embodies the beauty of simplicity.
The three components are equal, and the bitter harmony is perfect.
\"This cannot be argued.
After that, stroll to the newly managed Beaufort Bar, which is as wonderful and comfortable as ever.
Fairmont WC2R 0EZ Savoy Hotel, Strand.
Now that we have it, how Soho has survived so long without Swift is a mystery.
There have always been bars, bars and nice restaurants, but there is a smart, straight-forward restaurant. and-
The cocktail bar is gone.
In order to make up for the lost time, Swift effectively put two in: the upstairs is well lit, well ventilated, and can drink sharp drinks (
Try Piccolina)
The downstairs is more comfortable, darker and sexy.
Who doesn\'t want a silver pistol (
Montelobos, kummel, celery vermouth, vermouth)?
Cool name, cool drink.
The market is better (
Silver Tequila, saffron, mandarin fruit Dew, Suze, tonic).
Refreshing, bright and crisp, full of zippers.
It\'s easy to have too many people, so be careful.
The price is not bad, 10.
Barswift, W1D 4TQ, Soho, 12 Old Compton Street.
ComLondon did a great job in Guinness-we were the first place outside Ireland to get these things, in the tip shop on Fleet Street-we had a lot of decent Irish bars, but bars in Ireland are harder to find.
Below the excellent Nuala restaurant (
Wheelchair accessible)
The Celtic party, its theme is gentle;
There is no Clover around, instead, dark wood and violin on the sound system.
The Guinness Book of Records is great. the natural wine here is the best in the capital, but it is for a cup.
It may not be the most delicate cocktail, but it is very interesting.
These are not American. party-
Juice mix: Punch #3 is a mix of sherry, rum and cognac.
One worth tasting.
If you only have one drink, go to the Manhattan restaurant (
Irish single malt, armagnac, Sherry, pumpkin seed oil, honey). 70-
Nualalondon EC1Y 2BJ Old Street 74 city road.
Dalston spot at ComTony Conigliaro is similar to Matt Whiley\'s scout at shoreitch because both are technical;
Drinksaren is not a comforting thing made up of familiar flavors, but a potion.
It may be strange, disturbing, and occasionally unpleasant, but it is a revelation when they get things right.
Scout is a more experimental of the two, but those who do not have the title are recognized here as the place is more versatile and is currently renovating the garden for the summer-starting from late May, looking forward to finding a Japanese style of calm.
Great food.
Try between two for about 26)
Even if it is too happy with itself, there are many things to like.
Try the violin: although the description (
Infusion of black oak, pine, beeswax, benzo incense, black pepper vodka)
Read like what you found on the back of the pledged bottle, the taste is one of the old wooden cases, workshops, libraries.
Delicious: It\'s like reading a murder mystery under a blanket.
538 Kingsland Rd, Dalston, E8 4AH, no questions-bar.
A combination like this may be imperfect in many ways;
They are subjective in many different directions.
Both taste and decoration have a basic taste and then consider the budget (
The concern for value for money itself is slightly different).
That\'s the other thing.
Are you going out on a date with a friend?
How is the weather? (
The greatest bar in the world when the sun comes out, the worst bar in the world has nothing in the garden).
Are you celebrating or sympathetic?
You see.
Is the beverage from Sinola technically better than the quality Connaught bar?
Maybe not, but it\'s a different place.
It is not expensive, proud and eccentric, and full of inspiration and charm for New Orleans people.
Very relaxed but lively, their Sazerac is world class;
I\'m not sure there\'s any better in town (
Although if your order is accurate enough, the Cafe Boheme in Soho is rarely disappointing).
Nora is easily liked.
What else is important?
Nola, E2 0QN, No. 107, Rome Road, Bethnal Green-group.
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