lunch at the world\'s best restaurant

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-14
We heard about it.
We have read articles and comments about it.
We received an email.
Praise it by mail.
We watched the TV program about it.
Finally, we went.
Go to the world\'s best restaurant near London, Fat Duck restaurant.
The idea of molecular cuisine may have caused the polarization of food critics, but the extensive discussion about fat ducks by culinary alchemist Heston Blumenthal remains the main representative of this way of cooking in the UK
The Michelin three-star restaurant was named \"the best restaurant in the world\" by an international group of 600 chefs, food critics and restaurant owners last year, knocking on French food from its habitat, california\'s defending dame-
French Laundry.
The Fat Duck experience starts with trying to book.
You can book two months in advance and they only have one seat, up to 45 per meal.
The booking office is very polite and always says there is no table on the day you want to book, but they will be happy to put you on the waiting list.
After deciding to go there for dinner, I was totally uncool and gave the lady a range of optional appointments and said we would arrive at any point in their convenience.
She was completely indifferent to my despair and she said they would call us if they had any cancellations.
A few days have passed and we have been looking at the phone, hoping that it will ring and counter the instinct to call for love.
But they called us four days later.
Saturday, April 22
30 is the moment to become truth.
Please note that phone numbers are not listed on the restaurant\'s website.
The only number is the reservation number of the PR agency.
Application of outsourcing logic.
It is impossible to describe the excitement of preparing for the Bleumenthal Chef Award --
Win Fat Duck
We must discuss and plan the route and time to get there.
We must discuss the clothes we will wear.
After all, this is the best restaurant in the world! ! ! ! ).
We decided not to drink. will we drink?
Too expensive, frankly, there is no added value to this awardwinning chef).
We agreed to order or taste the menu on the tasting menu.
What do we have for dinner on Friday night? We don\'t want to be full from the last meal to the Fat Duck, and we don\'t want to spend the night here from the night before! !
Do you know that you are spending less money on food now? In retrospect, I thought it was strange.
After all, we \'ve all read the best books in the world, the best movies in the world, the best rock bands in the world, etc.
So, why eating at \"the best restaurant in the world\" causes this anxiety, excitement and nervous expectation, I haven\'t found an answer that makes sense to me yet.
Maybe I will in the near future.
It\'s sunny on Saturday morning. -
Given that this is London, this is an omen in itself! --
We take the subway to Paddington, 35-
Take the train to meddhead, then 10 minutes-
It takes only a few minutes to get to bray by taxi.
I believe that this journey is part of the accumulation and expectation of the Fat Duck experience.
This is not a restaurant you can walk past.
Unless you live in Bray, of course! ).
The journey reminds us that this is a three-
The Michelin-starred restaurant is defined as \"worth a visit \".
This is what we are doing, making a special journey.
Taxi let us in a non
Describe a heavy wooden door with a harmless white plaque hanging on the door that says: H Blumenthal is licensed to supply wine and alcohol. No name.
No gorgeous doorman. Nothing.
It\'s just a low white building with a heavy wooden door.
However, the discreet signature duck sign for forks, knives and spoons tells us that we are in the right place.
The ceiling inside is very low with lovely wooden beams.
The restaurant is white with splash of Modern Art on the walls and no reception area.
A friendly staff checked our reservation, took our coat and took us to our table.
Then, for a long time, we can only absorb this place. Olives arrive.
Then the sparkling water.
Then silence.
No menu in 15 minutes!
The sommelier drove on a very luxurious champagne trolley and gave us a glass we refused (
Decided not to drink and eat this meal).
Then, silence again.
A few minutes later, when I was sure they had forgotten us, a man appeared on the menu and disappeared as we studied it.
I want to scream at this time.
I don\'t want to study the menu.
I have studied online countless times.
I know what it says.
I have decided what to eat.
Take my orders and make miracles!
But this impatience is not about keeping manners and loneliness.
The guy finally showed up when we ordered the tasting menu and looked happy.
Bread and unpasteurized butter appeared.
A few minutes later, our friendly waiter and guided tour in the evening, put a low wooden table next to us, and then went back with a silver plate, there is a silver bottle of smoke, a silver bucket and a silver pump in it --
Foam dispenser (
Like shaving foam. .
Liquid nitrogen at minus 193 degrees Celsius, he explained in a strong European accent that he would pour the smoke into the tea.
Here he will immerse himself in a spoonful of lime and vodka mousse.
This seems to be the beginning of a magic show!
He explained how we should gently pick up the ball he placed in front of us with our fingers, because mousse was very fragile and stuffed it into our mouth in one bite.
When he dipped the cream into liquid nitrogen, there was a cold smoke, and there was a kind of something similar to the crispy skin.
I don\'t know how this works, but put it directly in my mouth as he instructed.
When I put it on my tongue, the shell broke and released a piece of ice --
Taste the cold liquid of the lime first, then drink the green tea after I swallow it.
It was an extraordinary feeling as if someone had sandblasted the interior of my mouth with alpine air.
Clean, tangy, infinitely refreshing and disappearing.
Once we \'ve all eaten mousse, our evening guide will explain how lime cleans the palate, the Danic acid in the tea causes drooling, and the alcohol in the vodka removes any oil residue on the tongue.
We have been baptized like this, and our palace has now been cleaned up and ready for dinner.
As he spoke, I could feel the saliva flowing clean and easy into my mouth, looking forward to what was coming.
Silence and loneliness again.
But I\'m happy this time.
I was surprised by the magic of Nitro.
Lime and vodka mousse.
Not only is this notable because of the way it seems to burst and dissolve on the tongue, the ball of this flavor has science and logic, which actually makes sense.
In addition, its creation is full of wonder, awe and drama.
Blumenthal is ready for the next 3 stages.
5 hours of pleasure, strong taste, surprise and pure joy.
When we broke the small piece of bread and applied it to butter, the next appetizer appeared.
There are two pieces of jelly on a clean white plate.
A deep red and a fresh orange.
\"Orange and beet jelly\", the European accent is asking us to follow and leave after we start with orange jelly. We (obviously)
Eat some oranges-
The colorful jelly and the strong, unique sugar beet fragrance came through.
Concentrate clean.
Next bite in Red
Colored jelly brings all the wonders of citrusy, sharp orange.
There was a genius in the kitchen and he had a lot of amazing innocent funbe-
Foodies like us
Nothing is what you expect.
This is definitely not a meal for a group of friends who want to chat and \"catch up.
The only thing worth discussing is food.
Believe me, there are many things to discuss as the course continues to come.
On a table next to us, they chattered during the jelly tasting and finally asked each other why the waiter insisted on starting from Orangecolored jelly.
No taste. They talked!
The dishes began to appear regularly soon, every bite
There are some things in the size of the cooking Wizards designed for entertainment, surprise and pleasure in the taste of the tableware, clean, noPicky White.
The cutlery is a good old fashioned silverware that can hardly be seen anymore and every dish changes.
Other dazzling dishes include passionate fruit freezes and lavender oysters, cereal mustard ice cream with red cabbage cold dishes, and green peas layered with quail frozen and langoustine cream
But do all these weird things.
The combination of flavors does work.
Blumenthal has mastered the smell and taste adjacent to paranormal phenomena, and the different qualities of a particular dish are displayed in sequence, not at the same time.
This is only the first lesson! !
We have ten more classes to attend.
The course continues.
The famous snail porridge on the fennel bed has obvious taste of Indian masala (
This is not my favorite dish)
A melted roast foie gras, which, oddly enough, is paired with almond cream, cherry and chrysanthemum, and then one of my favorite ---
Sardines on toast
This is another prominent turning point for a long time.
Sardines are ice cakes in the shape of cold bullets, and toast is a small piece of melba sandwiched in the ice cakes.
The taste of sardines is very strong, but the cream in the sorbet makes it more mellow and a pleasant dish.
The salmon is then marinated with licorice.
Not the most likely combination, but a combination that works well.
Instead of applying pepper to the fish on the table, they grind the licorice!
Blumenthal is constantly pleasantly surprised, and there is a flavor combination in some parallel universe.
Then the game course, and finally the dessert.
Again, we need to take a break, look around, have a chat, and may be interested in the next course.
A few minutes later, we received some brochures about Mrs. Marshall, and the ice cream queen told us that she was most likely the one who invented the edible ice cream cone in 1888.
The next lesson is a tribute to her.
A crispy ice cream cone the size of my little finger, with a crown of sweet sugar crystals on the edge, filled with freshly stirred cream ice cream.
The little bottle appeared in front of us and we were instructed to lick it, but don\'t bite! !
To my delight, I found very good, white pine
It is possible to lick or suck flavored sweet powder by hollowing out vanilla pods.
We are ready for the serious dessert that started.
The carrot lollipop is out!
A thin carrot candy is held on a stick, accompanied by a small ball of beet jelly.
Every dish seems to be designed for challenges and surprises.
Just as we begin to get tired of this extravagant taste --
They make breakfast cereal with milk.
Now I really see everything!
Small, separate box with Fat Duck cereal on it with a tablespoon of European wind grass cereal and European wind grass milk.
The taste is surprisingly good.
It\'s not too sweet, but it\'s obviously European windbreak.
The cereal we ordered was bacon and eggs.
But of course, things can never be so simple.
Bacon and eggs are in the form of a spoonful of ice cream with the flavor of bacon and eggs.
There are small French toast and delicious caramel mousse.
Next to the plate, in a plate shaped by an egg shell, there is jelly tea that looks like softboiled egg.
If this is breakfast, I can start every day from here!
After another 10 minutes of solitude, we asked for a check, but were told sweetly that we had not had tea yet.
A few minutes later, the tea entered the small and classic tea drink, and in some magical way, there was warm tea on the top floor of the tea, and cool and soothing tea on the bottom.
So, when you drink, the warm slightly thicker tea will gently touch your upper lip, and the cold sweet tea will flow into your mouth. Perfect.
We entered the restaurant at 12. 25 and it is 3.
When we are in the bright sun.
Not satisfied
Very happy.
Strangely, when we play back in our minds what Heston Blumenthal did with the idea of food, we remain silent.
This is not what we have eaten.
It\'s chemistry, art, taste, texture, contrast, acting skills, surprises, and the most important thing is fun.
Will we be back there, you bet?
Not this trip, not this year, but one day in the future.
I saw something on the order menu that I absolutely had to try, like crab cookies and cauliflower risotto with chocolate jelly.
But first, we have
The restaurant is El Bulli in Ferran Adria. So till then. . .
The Fat Duck is located in Bray, Berkshire, England.
In 2005, it was named the world\'s top restaurant by Restaurant magazine. The 20-
The tasting menu will cost you 100 (about Rs 8,500)per head).
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