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by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-18
Madeline MILLSIPSCHOOL: LangleyFRESHMAN\'s future: Simon FraserWISE said: \"I ask each and every one of you, whether you are out of fear or if you already have 1 feet doors and don\'t look back, but to reach your future potential, in Milton Bell\'s words, \"if the opportunity does not knock on the door, make a door for us, \"Because we all have the ability to define what kind of people we are going to be.
Madeline milsipp of the Lanley Saints. (
Ward Perrin of PNG)LANGLEY —
Good evening for students, staff, community members and family members.
As 2012 diploma of Lanli middle school, I am honored to stand in front of you.
From the moment we start high school, whether it\'s in HD Stafford or Langley second Ary, we have to accept the changes and the choices because we decide our future.
Opening or closing a door is a daily act. it is so monotonous, so simple, but it defines who we are.
This action represents embracing change, seizing opportunities and moving forward.
Every door we open, close or decide to venture through has an impact on our identity today and has helped shape the diversity of our graduating class.
The ninth grade begins with those huge green double doors.
We come by with anxiety and anxiety, each of us is familiar with the school to varying degrees, ready to start a new phase of our lives.
From this moment on, we have all chosen different paths.
Some are fascinated by art, whether waiting on the wings of Les Miserables, standing on the rising risers in the chorus room, sitting on a bunch of excellent instruments, or perfect yourself in front of the mirror in the dance studio.
Some people challenge themselves in day-to-day training and have been waiting to test themselves as they walk into the stadium, mat, ice or stadium entrance.
Some people travel to foreign countries such as Belize, opening their eyes to a new world, and have a new understanding of what they have.
Some people explore opportunities related to carpentry, plumbing, carpentry or other industries by means of apprentices.
Some people try to eliminate the desire for knowledge and spend their time on science, mathematics, social research and language.
Although we may have originated in different places, through different doors and embracing different journeys along the way, at this moment we sit together to celebrate the same goal.
This moment is a moment we must cherish, because how often can we experience such inspiring and fulfilling energy in so many audiences, full of friends and classmates that we gradually admire.
Our classes grow together and become a force that cannot be ignored because our experiences have been intertwined over the years.
We support each other when the door is an unforgivable obstacle.
We help each other, move on, and fix each other\'s broken doors in the process.
Through our experience, we have grown into compassionate, but motivated people who will undoubtedly have a positive impact on any community after we leave Lanley Middle School.
We are all lucky enough to have our own opportunities, so we must thank those who have opened their doors to us, even if they seemed reluctant to push us over at the time.
Thanks to the parents who got stuck with us, even if we closed their doors, thanks to the teachers who always open the doors, thanks to the administrator, MadamTomlinson, Mr.
Mr. Roberto and
Muraca opens every door in front of us with the goal of creating a bright future for every student.
Each of us will pass through the exit door in a very short time, but we will not pass alone.
As we continue to pursue greater ambitions and greater aspirations, we will share experiences with each other.
Before mentioning the door and the choice, I challenge each and every one of you, whether you leave with fear or have walked out of the gate of 1 feet, do not look back, but to reach your future potential, in Milton Bell\'s words, \"if the opportunity does not knock on the door, because we all have the ability to define what kind of person we will be.
Seize these moments and revel in the excitement, because any conceivable opportunity is at our fingertips, and today is the day when we open our new doors.
Congrats to 2012 graduating class of Lanli Middle School.
-Delivered by the Christian Life Conference on June 7 (Langley)
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