magic garden of stones

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-08
I used to send an image somewhere in South Korea with these magnificent stone sculptures.
Then, when I find myself in the place of the world, I know that I want to experience them.
I was walking around Seoul with postcard images.
It took some time to find someone who could guide me.
And provide directions to get there.
I took a train, then a bus, then a smaller bus, and then the last part of the hike.
Then I found myself in a place in this country where I was considered a place full of curiosity and a lot of people were still wearing traditional clothes.
I walked into the only restaurant in Little Hamlet that also had accommodation and used mime to make myself understand a meal and a room (
Two stories are written by themselves)
When I settled down for dinner, I made my communication Picture Book (
Another story itself)
The picture on the postcard surprised them (
I came from Australia to visit their special Stone Garden).
Soon a young man who studied English at school was brought in from somewhere and was having some kind of communication.
Drew a map with the words how to go to the garden and I used it the next day.
I walked down the steep path and went up again.
Remember that Korea is a mountainous country.
I entered the garden through a small wooden door and a short tunnel that forced me to squat down.
I know I\'m in another space.
Space full of wonder and magic, especially in the background of autumn.
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