Manufacturing process and requirements of wooden doors

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-02-21
Guangdong wooden door, as its name implies, is a wooden door. According to the material, process and use can be divided into many types. Widely applicable to civil and commercial buildings and residential buildings. Appearance should be beautiful: the surface paint film of Guangdong wood doors and windows should be smooth and bright, without quality defects such as falling, bubbles and wrinkles, and without corrosion points, dead joints and damages; The wood used for the door and window cover should be coordinated with the wood and color of the door and window fan. The color difference between the veneer and the wood line should not be large, and the tree species should be the same. The door and window fan should be square: it cannot be warped and deformed. The door and window fan can just be stuffed into the door and window frame and matches the door and window frame: if the door and window fan has a large gap with the frame, the main reason is that the door and window sash can be removed and planed again because of the inaccurate planing and repairing during installation or the door and window frames are not perpendicular to the ground; If the door and window frames are not vertical, the gasket should be straightened in the frame plate. Guangdong wooden door analysis hinge position is accurate: installation is firm: If the hinge is not right, it will cause the door and window fan and the frame sleeve to not match, the door and window switch is not smooth. Each hinge can be screwed with a screw first, then adjust the conformity between the door, window and frame, and then tighten all screws after adjustment and repair. If the hinge screw is short, or the screw is nailed in, the screw is not screwed, or the screw is twisted, it will cause the door and window fan to hit. Guangdong wooden door analysis should replace the appropriate screws, the screws must be straight, the screws should be nailed into 1/3 first, and the rest should be screwed in. The opening and locking of the door lock should be smooth, and the two parts locked on the door leaf and the door frame should match: if the lock is not properly installed, the door leaf switch will not be free.

there should be basic materials in the window cover of Guangdong wooden doors: when the window cover is made of blockboard or density board, the basic board should be fixed on the base keel of the window frame first, and then the lines should be nailed; The door cover should be planed and straightened after the frame is made of wood, then assembled and molded and installed on the wall, and then covered with base board and decorative panel. Knock on the side panel of the door and window cover with your hand. If there is an empty drum, it means that there is no base plate such as blockboard on the bottom layer, and it should be removed and redone.

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