masala chai chocolate, anyone?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-30
Despite the sultry summer, Janani Kannan is grateful for her apron, along with a pair of gloves, a sanitary cap and socks.
She has 16 degrees Celsius in her kitchen.
Kannan said: \"This is the temperature I need to make chocolate, but given the soaring mercury content here, it is sometimes difficult to keep the temperature.
\"The founder of the chocolate brand Zitter piled up a large bag of chocolate in her work area and sat around about 70 molds of 25 different designs.
She\'s filling Paisley-
Shape of mango and pepper
Flavored pralines, and petals-
The shaped mold is only used for chakkara pongal chocolate, one of her most popular works.
A bite will give you a refreshing taste of edible camphor trees.
She kept the process of making it secret and only revealed, \"the recipe includes everything that goes into sweet pongal except dal and rice.
\"She brings Indian flavor to pralines, enrobed chocolate and truffles with chai emasala chai, sheer korma, gajar halwa, lassi, kulfi and
There are also other varieties such as lychee rose, salty caramel, salt and cranberry, peanut butter, coffee, passion fruit, etc. . .
There are 40 flavors in general.
\"My Blue Belt in Kuala Lumpur has a diploma from a French pastry shop.
I also stayed in Singapore for a while and worked at a pastry shop there.
Last year, when I went back to India and participated in several popular shows, I noticed that people were fascinated by any flavor they saw in the chef.
They like the new taste.
I know I can create them: I get access to ingredients when my friends buy me ingredients every time they travel, which is helpful, \"31-year-
Old, who started Zitter in April.
The double-door refrigerator, which occupies one end of the room, contains fruit puree, experimental boxes and 35 trays, each with 24 pieces of chocolate: it was made by her.
\"Hand or spray from conception and execution --
I prefer painting by myself.
When I hire someone I will make sure they are in good health
She laughed.
Almost every night at ten o\'clock P. M. , after her little daughter fell asleep, Kannan walked into her workspace and made chocolate until about 4. 30 am.
\"During the day, the temperature is too hot to make chocolate,\" she said . \".
Kannan plans to bring her chakka pradhaman chocolate, Aran.
Have you heard of chocolate bars with potato chips, matcha or pretzels?
OK, looking forward to the next one, next is a Japanese line with Jade zu, rasperry, wasabi, cherry blossoms and black sesame seeds.
Kannan, who was once an addict dessert maker, said she has stopped liking sweets since she started eating Zitter.
\"I can\'t even taste my own chocolate.
That\'s why it\'s great to be her friend and family when they try and give feedback.
\"Recently everything was fine and my friend was disappointed that they didn\'t reject the taste because it was something they were very happy with,\" she laughed . \". (
Zitter chocolate can be ordered on Facebook and Instagram.
They are available in Box 5, month, decree and 350 24, factory price, 750, 1,100 and 1,500. )
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