masked men broke down a door and took away a key aide to venezuela\'s opposition leader. the u.s. is calling for his immediate release.

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-14
Masked security forces detained one of his key aides during a raid on the Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guado\'s home earlier Thursday, arriving at the convoy\'s vehicle and breaking his door, to show the escalation of tension with the United States by force.
Lawyer Roberto marero was taken away by intelligence personnel during a night operation that was immediately condemned by Guado and the United StatesS.
Secretary of State Mike Pompeii has called for the immediate release of opposition figures.
\"We will hold people accountable,\" Pompeo wrote on Twitter . \". The U. S.
Oil sanctions have been imposed on Venezuela and individuals related to President Nicolas Maduro in an attempt to force him to step down.
President Trump has said tougher sanctions could be imposed, \"with all options on the table,\" which Maduro and his ally Russia have interpreted as a possible prelude to military intervention.
The Venezuelan government did not immediately comment on the detention of Marrero, indicating a sharp increase in police pressure on the opposition after a relatively calm period.
According to a CBS News poll, the controversial police video showed that Hong Kong protesters Guaid ó even said the government ignored him and tried to weaken the opposition. Although Maduro often describes his opponents as \"puppets\" and \"clowns \".
\"Marrero reported the raid on a phone call, and shortly after the operation, the recording of the phone was circulated on social media.
When he described how a large group of intelligence officers had entered his home, heavy voices could be heard in the background.
The residence of opposition MP Sergio Vigara was also searched.
Vergara said he was woken up by a heavy strike on the door and the agents pointed at him with weapons.
Another opposition MP who later visited the residence, Carlos berrizbetia, said the security forces broke through a metal screen door and a wooden door and entered the Marrero\'s house and in
According to lawmakers, the residence of the chief of staff of the opposition leader Juan guaydo, Roberto marero, was damaged after he was detained by Venezuelan intelligence personnel, Caracas, Venezuela, on March 21, 2019.
Reuters/Ivan Alvarado has been involved in dozens of security forces.
Both Vergara and Marrero accompanied Guaid ó on a recent trip to Latin America to enlist international support for his efforts to expel Maduro.
Marrero is head of the Office of the Venezuelan National Assembly leader Guaid ó.
\"We don\'t know where he is.
He should be released immediately . \"
Opposition leaders left Venezuela despite the travel ban and returned to Venezuela on March 4.
The United States has warned the Venezuelan government not to take action against Guado. Many demonstrations have been held in melon to try to expel Maduro.
Prosecutors in Venezuela say Guado has been investigated for alleged violence and the country\'s worst power outage.
Maduro claimed that the power outage was caused by the United States. S. -
Direct destruction, despite the United StatesS.
Officials and opposition officials in Venezuela say poor state management and corruption have led to the collapse of infrastructure.
The Venezuelan opposition has taken control of the US diplomatic service. S.
The U. S.
About 50 other countries supported guaydo\'s argument that he was the legitimate leader of Venezuela and Maduro\'s re-election
Last year\'s election was illegal.
Maduro said guaydo was a partner of the United States. S.
A plot to overthrow his government.
Earlier this week, Robert palardino of the United StatesS.
A State Department spokesman said the government had taken control of Venezuela\'s three diplomatic facilities in the United States. S.
It includes two military buildings and the Venezuelan consulate in New York.
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