Matching of wooden doors and indoor environment

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-02-26

The matching of Guangdong wooden doors and indoor environment

1. When the living room environment is warm, you can choose a warmer color system relative to the wooden door, such as: cherry wood, teak, Shapiro, etc. When the living room environment is cold color, we should choose a lighter wooden door, such as mixed oil White, Birch, etc. 2. The coordination between the color of the ground and the wooden door should maintain the same color (Such as cold, warm), But don't agree. Prevent the ground and the wall from being chaotic and unclear, and weaken the sense of space in the room. 3. For large or sunny rooms, you can choose deeper black walnuts, which can create a more stable atmosphere. The color itself is beautiful and there is no right or wrong. It's all about matching and coordination. If you are really not sure, choose white. White is a color that is not easy to make mistakes!

4. In addition to the security door considering the safety factors, from the perspective of beauty and practicality, most people choose the solid and heavy wood door with decorative effect; 5. the doors of the foyer and living room mostly adopt fan-type, push-pull type or folding type door, while its style is full glass door type divided by square format, which is small and convenient in space area, it has the characteristics of simplicity, brightness, transparency and brightness; 6. the door of the bedroom should choose the warm, natural and elegant all-solid wood door type. This kind of door gives the owner a sense of quietness and security, or the grid-type, opaque glass Japanese door is also more popular and practical; 7. The design of the book door should adopt the semi-glass oval door with beautiful shape, simple and elegant, or the ancient window pattern, which can produce the effect of antique scholar and cultural color; 8. the kitchen door should be sandblasted, frosted pattern and semi-transparent half-sided glass door, while the bathroom door should be a unique full solid wood door to give people privacy and security or use the upper full frosted half-glass door type, can give people a sense of quiet. The door of the storeroom should be a louver wooden door with good air permeability; 9. the balcony door and the balcony door should adopt the full glass door with good lighting and high transparency. What should be paid attention to is that when choosing the door type for all kinds of apartment doors, the overall design and coordination of the room should also be considered, and don't be self-defeating. For example, those who use straight lintel on the door use straight lintel, and those who use arc lintel use arc lintel. And the size of the door, height, width, height of the lock position, the shape of the door lock is also as coordinated as possible. The wood of the door can be coordinated and selected according to the characteristics of the room and the wood used and the wood of the furniture.
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