'Material trap' is hard to prevent, how to identify the real solid wood door?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-02-01

explain the advantages of solid wood door Advantages and disadvantages

Real wooden door , after the solid wood panel is painted, there is no uneven phenomenon of splicing seams and slats on the surface, and the physical properties are relatively stable during long-term use; The utilization rate of wood is relatively high, which conforms to the principle of ecological utilization of raw materials. Therefore, in terms of use, texture and color, solid wood jigsaw puzzle decorative board is more suitable for the use and decorative function of furniture; Although the sizing capacity of solid wood jigsaw boards is larger than that of solid wood wide jigsaw boards, due to the protection of thick veneer with double covering surfaces, and the sealing edge of thick veneer with four sides, there are actually only 8 glue seams on both sides and four sides, therefore, the chemical substances volatilized by the adhesive in the solid wood jigsaw puzzle through the glue seam are far lower than the volatilization amount of solid wood wide jigsaw puzzle and solid wood laminated wood, which is more environmentally friendly and healthier. Since the core board is made of wood with small anisotropy, the surface of the board is uneven and the degree of warping is small, and the upper and lower sides are covered with two sliced thin wood veneer, it can better eliminate the warping, cracking and deformation of the plate surface, and can improve the physical strength of the plate in all directions; Sliced thin wood thick veneer is made of selected high-quality logs of large diameter grade, and is strictly selected according to texture and color, and is manufactured by high-precision equipment and scientific planing method. This kind of processing technology has a very good sense of body in terms of texture and color, and highlights the texture after painting. The produced furniture can create a harmonious, consistent and high-grade sense of value.

The main disadvantage of solid wood doors is easy deformation, and maintenance is difficult. For example, you can't let the sun directly shine, you can't be too cold and overheated, too dry and humid environment is not suitable for solid wood doors; If you don't pay attention when using it, frequent switch on and off of the air conditioner will cause excessive temperature and humidity changes. Even qualified solid wood door products will sometimes deform and crack. It can be said that no matter what kind of wood is used, how exquisite the workmanship is, it is difficult to avoid these problems.

identify real solid wood doors

solid wood doors are expensive. How to identify real solid wood doors at a time when counterfeiting technology is increasingly developed and products are varied?

A look: real solid wood varieties rarely have large areas of beautiful lines. Second smell: pure wood has its own special taste. Even after long-term storage or finishing, it still has a smell. For example, Pine has the taste of turpentine, Cypress has a light fragrance, and Cedar has a spicy taste, camphor wood will have obvious camphor smell, while artificial boards will have strong smell of chemical materials, such as formaldehyde. Three knocks: the solid wood parts will make a crisp sound by tapping with the hand, while the artificial board will have a low sound, and the wooden parts of the box will make a drumming sound. Four: many solid wood doors are lighter than particleboard and medium density fiberboard doors.

How to distinguish solid wood correctly. The first category is the most common, that is, a layer of solid wood veneer is pasted on the surface of wooden doors, which is very similar to pure solid wooden doors from the surface. Consumers should be careful to observe, you can easily identify it. The second type is to use the finger-Joint Board formed by splicing small pieces of solid wood after deep processing as the base material of pure solid wood doors, and then skin the exterior solid wood.

when consumers buy solid wood doors, they must clearly distinguish which kind of wood the full solid wood doors they buy belong. Although it is a hard wood posing as a full solid wood door, it is still natural wood, but it has been deceived in price. Some use synthetic wood boards instead of natural wood, and the content of harmful substances exceeds the standard, which not only deceives consumers in price, but also seriously endangers people's health.

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