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by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-17
Alan and Catherine Murray have always wanted to do something Green for their home and environment, but they never seem to want to do it.
\"We always regret not finding it in our previous home in the Golden Woods,\" Allen said . \".
\"We will always do it later, but it never happens later, because there will always be other things happening in your life.
We learned from that experience, so when we built our new home, we did everything we wanted to do in the first place.
\"The couple built a two-story design, a quiet house, a builder recognized by HIA greens, full of environmental protection and cost-saving ideas.
\"We have two 19-year-old sons and our hot water bill is amazing in our previous home,\" Allen said . \".
\"In our design, we have a solar hot water system with an instant gas booster.
We believe that in about year 45 it should pay for itself with cheaper bills.
\"The family also installed a gray water system to remove the wastewater from the washing machine and distribute it to the garden and lawn.
A 5000 liter water tank supplies all the water to the home, and the main water pipe will start automatically if the water tank dries.
\"We are aware of the limits of water, but for us it is more about helping the environment,\" Allen said . \".
\"If everyone does the same thing, we will be in a much better state.
It\'s expensive to do this, and there\'s still a long way to go to break even, but we didn\'t do it for monetary reasons.
But the government\'s rebate is a bit helpful.
\"To reduce the impact of the summer sun, there are eaves and balconies on the west side of the house.
Alan is a qualified electrician who spent a long time in the roof caves of others.
\"I always noticed that the roof would get cooler if a home had a roof, so we decided to add one.
\"The rotation combines the extra insulation of all exterior walls and inner walls to keep the home at normal temperature.
\"In the winter, I don\'t think we will turn on the heater once,\" Allen said . \".
While environmental factors play a big role in the home, design and livability are not affected in order to complete the ideal packaging.
\"I used to live in a two-story house,\" Allen said . \"
\"In the master bedroom upstairs, whether it\'s because you leave your car keys in the room or forget to turn off the lights, you\'re always up and down.
\"So we make sure that the ground floor of our new house is the master bedroom.
\"The bedroom includes an ensuite and wardrobe, and the front is a formal lounge.
The modern kitchen overlooks the dining area and the family dining area, and offers double doors to the outdoor entertainment area.
A convenient dressing room is opposite the stairs leading to the second floor, where they live in the bedrooms of twin Brett and 19-year-old Christopher.
The Bretts bedroom consists of an adjacent study, the second for general use, and the Sixers bedroom is a walk in the wardrobe.
The rumpus/TV room with separate toilet and the main bathroom complete the second floor.
The design won the HIA energy saving House (new home)
Category of annual HIA 2007 CSR Housing dswater smartA Nylex Greywater Diverta system is connected under the laundry sink and old water is distributed from the washing machine to the garden through secondary surface irrigation.
Gravity feed, the system does not require a pump to operate and can be connected to multiple outlets, saving up to 500 liters of water per day. $175, www. neco. com. au.
The sun smartA Rinnai solar system with gas booster provides hot water for the home.
It includes a 270 liter tank, two solar panels and a pump.
Most of the components are also made with SA. From $3500 (
Less government rebates)
Solar store 8362 9992.
Power playHebel power board is used outside the home.
The energy efficient Hebel power board has tiny bubbles in the panel, helping to keep the indoor temperature of the home at a consistent level.
$83 per plate (
75mm x 600mm x 3 m)
, Rayners building supplies 8408 8777.
The natural collection of Bushmans 5000-liter rain tank provides all the water requirements for the whole family, saving water costs.
It comes with a bank pump for David rain.
If the water tank is dry, the main water pipe will open automatically.
Installed from $3778, 8366 7777 directly inside.
The quiet homedesign custom location off planBuilder is not displayed.
Check the circuit on displayhomes Island, mawson LakesPrice starts at $350,000, open Sun | Mon | Wed | Sat one o\'clock P. M. contact Gary Barnes 0419 988 511 details 274sqm total size | 224sq4m lower 2.
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