method of filling up lock holes in the wooden doors

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-10
In many houses, we noticed small holes inside the wooden door.
These holes are actually the locks that have been filled.
The filling procedure for the door lock is mainly performed by trainers and experts, but when the person tries to be an expert, the result is definitely a damage to the wooden door.
If you really want to fix this by self-help, then the person must know some helpful guidelines involved in the filling phase.
In this article, we will have detailed information on the method used to fill the lock hole for blocking the package.
First of all, before you start the process, you must master some ingredients that add measuring tape, waste wood, hole blades, wood glue, electric drill, wood filler, paint brushes and sandpaper.
On the first floor, just measure the hole and length of the door by tape.
Now, just cut the wood hole blade exactly the same size as the wood hole and install the rig with the hole blade.
Just place the hole blade with the help of the wood glue.
When you apply the gum, just make sure you don\'t take any other steps before it dries.
Now when the glue dries properly, just apply the filer to the lock.
The filler can also be dried for a few minutes.
After drying, just take the sandpaper and paint, you can give it a hole lock area with a finishing touch.
Also, in order to fill the locking plate, you have to measure the diameter of the hole again with the help of the tape measure.
Then take the filling plate equal to the size of the wood hole lock.
Now just put the plate on one side of the door and put the other side on the other side of the door.
After placing the plate, just press it tightly until you don\'t receive the sound.
Now, all the bolts and nuts of the lock that just started unlocking are reinstalled once.
Make sure all the nuts are in the right place and the number is equal.
When you feel that all the solution and paint on the hole is completely dry, go and reinstall the nut, otherwise the whole method is useless.
Finally, we will find these steps very easy and can be done by any ordinary person after a try.
However, this approach only requires proper attention and focus, and we are sure that this person will certainly succeed in filling the lock holes of the wooden door.
So, go to the wooden door now and try this method.
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