Method to prevent cracking of mahogany wooden door

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-01-10

at that time, many families liked to buy mahogany wooden doors . Compared with wood-based panels, mahogany wooden doors became more natural and environmentally friendly, it is also a demand for capital contribution, which has extremely high preservation value. However, the cracking of mahogany wooden doors often attracts mahogany wooden door lovers. When most manufacturers sell mahogany wooden door products, they usually point out that cracking is formed by the talent of wood, and the appearance of cracking and even cracking is inevitable in the process of application. However, the cracking of the original mahogany wooden door is not necessarily, and the probability of cracking of the mahogany wooden door can be minimized only if consumers pay more attention when purchasing and protect it in the future.

The wood is not completely monotonous. Assuming that the quality of the wood of the manufacturer is not high, perhaps the monotonous time is used for production, which will cause the moisture content of different parts of the mahogany wooden door to be different. When Guangzhou wooden door encounters environmental changes, the wooden door will crack itself under the stress that remains inside the wood. Even if the wood with large environmental humidity changes forms furniture, it will still exchange moisture with the air in the address environment and will shorten and swell with the change of relative humidity. When the air is extremely monotonous, the wooden door will lose water and shorten, and the appearance of the wooden door may be cracked. On the contrary, when the humidity is added, the wooden door will absorb the moisture and swell quietly, and then return to its original state.

after eliminating the quality problem of the goods themselves, in order to make the mahogany wooden door always keep the new color and use it for a long time, the usual cleaning and protection operations are essential.

when cleaning, use a damp rag. Many people worry about the mahogany wooden door being affected with damp, and often use a dry rag to scrub the wooden door. In fact, this practice is very simple to make dust particles in the rag scratch the paint surface of the wooden door. It should be best to scrub with a damp cloth, which can not only replenish water, but also prevent wooden doors from being affected with damp. Together, when cleaning the appearance of wooden doors, do not use chemical reagents such as alcohol, which will damage the paint surface of wooden doors.

punctually oiling or waxing when buying wooden doors, you should ask the manufacturer whether the mahogany wooden doors you bought need oiling or waxing. When the wooden door is used for a period of time, it is recommended to do protection work once a month.

assuming that waxing protection is required, it is better to choose solid wax with high concentration. Together with the protection of wooden doors, it can also fill up small defects on wooden doors. In addition, spray wax is also a good choice. However, the demand suggests that the two cannot be used together, because this will make the appearance of the wooden door no longer bright.

In addition, the mahogany wooden doors of the newly bought Guangzhou wooden door manufacturers do not need to be oiled or waxed. Since the new wooden door has been protected before leaving the factory, all protection measures have been taken.

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