modern westmount home with historic roots now on the market

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-26
Standing outside Westmount 52 Forden Crescent, part of a classical heritage home, it\'s not hard to let your imagination roam back to 1820.
At that time, the building became the carriage house of Forden manor owned by wealthy Charles Bowman.
City of Bowman, Ontario.
But like many Scots of that time, he made his fortune in Montreal.
Palladio of Bowman
The style mansion has long been demolished, but the venue is occupied by another luxurious house --
Residence of Brian and Mila Mulroney.
In other words, this is a prestigious neighborhood.
The carriage house was nothing more than a farm building in the 1820 s, but a century later it was converted into a house.
Get inspiration from Cotswolds in Britain
An area famous for its traditional stone lodge
52 Forden was transformed into a luxurious home with thick stone walls, slate roofs and lead windows.
The building next door is a stone barn with horses belonging to Forden Manor and a residence.
Since the 1920 s, both houses have been renovated several times.
For example, between 2003 and 2006, Bruce Anderson
Renowned Montreal architect and honorary professor of architecture at McGill University redesigned the Forden barn. (
His company, Anderson Architects, specializes in heritage homes. )
He has also worked for 52 Forden Crescent and is now foresale.
It went public for $1,795,000.
The newly renovated home area is 2,700 square feet (
900 square feet on three floors)
And a basement apartment. (
The most recent renovation was in 1999, and the upgrading of the building has continued since then. )
It has four bedrooms and two bathrooms.
Floor heating, powder room and open living/dining room with color hardwood floors and wooden floors-
Burning Fireplace
Finished basement with laundry is a self-help
The suite has its own entrance-
This is an ideal setting for a teenager who wants to be independent of their family.
Direct access to the garage in the basement (
Floor with tiles)
There is also a walled garden with an automatic underground watering system.
The garden is just a stone\'s throw from Murray Hill Park.
Master bedroom and 96-square-foot bathroom (
It has a steam shower, a Jacuzzi and belowfloor heating)
On the second floor.
There are two bedrooms on the top floor, and Dormer\'s window overlooks the Forden New Moon --
A quiet, secluded street that used to be the driveway of Forden Manor.
The whole house has gone from an old-
Transforming the old-fashioned home into a contemporary home with various comforts, its historical roots are not forgotten.
The lead window is just one of several traditional architectural features incorporated into the old buildingmade-new-again building. (
They are hot windows but look old. )
Other traditional features include slate roofs and copper houses.
In this corner in the middle
Westmount has beautiful heritage homes and owners must respect the source of the building by copying the original exterior, although the interior can be changed according to the tastes of the residents.
From the outside, the house exudes a sense of history, but from all intents and purposes it is a contemporary home.
For centuries, creating such a home from a building requires a lot of architectural work.
The house was built strong. with two-
Thick walls under your feet, otherwise it\'s hard --
But it is poorly insulated and outdated inside.
The first task is to peel the structure back to the stone frame.
With the disappearance of the internal structure, construction workers can easily pipe the foam insulation material to the wall, install new heating and piping systems and new wires, and introduce the construction into the code.
No less than three heating systems and three filtration systems are included in the cultural heritage.
One is a combination of filter and humidifier.
There is also the UV water purification system in the kitchen.
The third is an efficient air filter that captures impurities, a function that is sure to benefit people with allergies.
The main heating source is a heat pump that heats the interior of the house, but if the temperature drops to minus zero
The natural gas furnace starts at 20 ℃.
Electric baseboard heaters are also available in several places. (
According to Tina Baer, true
Real estate agents selling houses, energy bills for central heating and air conditioning
Moderate adjustment. )
The interior is decorated with a neutral color palette of light yellow, gray and gray
White, gives a clean, modern look to the living room and adjacent dining room.
The pot lights, like the California blinds, give out soft light and they provide privacy that doesn\'t make the room too dark. The wood-
The burning fireplace in the living room has stopped using at some point, but in one renovation it has restored its former glory.
The white textured marble frame, surrounded by a matching white wood mantel, creates a beautiful focus for the room.
Large Jacuzzi and double sinks in the main bathroom also have marble around-
Quiet space pale
Gray paneled walls and white decor.
The previous kitchen, which was fully functional but crowded, has been converted into a well of nearly 300 square feet.
Design, feasible space.
There\'s a lot of evidence of marble.
On the countertop of the stainless steel sink frame, on the window groove and on the top of the kitchen island (
It has a second \"ready\" sink)
It separates the work area and cooking area from a corner designed for casual dining.
Architect Bruce Anderson redesigned this bright, pleasant space with custom space in White
Cabinets are made with glass doors, lots of shelves and drawers, and heated slate floors. The built-
Electrical and temperature-
Brush steel, brand control wine cabinetZero and Wolf —
High-end markets far from last year\'s food storage facilities.
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