mum sells five-bedroom masterton home to live in tiny house in tauranga

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-22
Hannah Booth sold her five.
She gave up her government job and lived in a small house on a tree with her daughter and dog --
7000sq m section of Tauranga. The 38-year-
Grace, 14, and Bella, 17, old resource teachers and single mothers are seeking to get rid of the stress of having so much and working all the time.
But a simpler life brings new pressure.
Hobbs said that she tried to build her own small house through the book, which made her nothing but grief from the Tauranga City Council, and even was told that she might have to apply
She lives in a villa she owns in Masterton, has a new $30,000 kitchen and works for the Department of Education when she starts to feel things are not right.
\"I think, \'Life is more important than paying a mortgage \'.
If my priority is my children, there must be a different path.
\"The minimalist blog assured her that she was not alone and there was no middlelife crisis.
Five artisans spent nine weeks building the little house of her dreams that could be towed away on the trailer.
The house has an expandable section that can be \"clipped\" from 5 m to 2 m \".
4 m wide road trip. Steel-
It is made of organic plywood, polyester insulation, Wood carpentry and is coated with handmade milk paint to withstand travel.
The kitchen is normal.
Large appliances including refrigerator, spacious bench space, small laundry room next door and folding bedout wall-
Her daughters slept in the attic above the kitchen.
The lounge is small but warm with decorations, books and plants everywhere. Rosie the dog -
\"Shweenie\" of stone tzu/sausage dog combination \"-
You can nap in a sunny place next to the double wooden door.
The bathroom has a shower in the bathtub, provided by an expanded width.
Hobbs has a queen size bed in the attic opposite her daughter\'s bed and is placed in a storage space.
In 2017, the family sold the house and moved to Maket mall in West Bay, Fengyu district.
They felt welcome, and Hobbs said the commission had \"not had an eyelid\" in her small house \".
But in Tauranga, a 40-minute drive, driving the girls to school and wearing thin clothes, she decided to move to the city.
She found a department with her lawyer.
The new segment was quickly excluded due to the strict contract, so she turned to \"old Tauranga \".
Hobbs found what she wanted in a semi-final. Rural, contract
The area of Pyes P mall is getting smaller and smaller, and the family moved again last spring.
In a excavated valley, the part of 7000sq is surrounded by mature native and fallen trees.
Hobbs planted a \"food forest\" with vegetable gardens, fruit trees, 20 beehives and recycling greenhouses \".
She has a storage container for seasonal or bulky items and a \"dune boat\" that Hobbs bought online as a hangout place.
\"It feels like a country, but it\'s in town.
\"She goes to school by bike or bus with the kids, her Greerton-
As the basic work of resource teachers consulted with schools.
They share this part with a small \"women\'s community.
Permanent residents include the nanny goat Flain, Doty and some choo who are \"free and angry.
Another mom, Jessie, had her little house on site and lived about every other week.
Hobbs said she also invited two women living in the car house to stay occasionally to store the vehicle.
One of the 62-year-old womenyear-
An old man, who declined to be named, said she moved into her RV because she couldn\'t afford to pay the rent.
She said that there are still many people like her in Tauranga, and it is difficult to find a safe, reliable and secure place to move around so often between free camping locations.
Hobbs has a list of 37 people who are looking for land for a small house, but do not want to risk more than the maximum occupancy rate of 8 people on the site.
She would if she could.
Housing crisis, she has more space than she needs
But she wants to follow the rules, even if she is advised by other small house residents to \"hide \".
\"There are so many people worried about having to deal with the Council,\" she said . \".
\"So many people are hiding.
These people are members of society who want to live in a healthy, good way and eventually live like criminals with work ability and survival ability.
She went on, but soon there was a conflict with Parliament.
She agreed to use the septic tank but the installation was wrong and the check failed.
She said that she was correcting this with the installation company, but could not find anyone to install the pressure relief reflux device requested by the Council.
Hobbs said the installer told her that the type of equipment she was told to use was unusual for residential connections.
A council compliance officer went to investigate her situation.
According to the email that was viewed many times by the Bay, he said that his original view was that the way she used the site \"belonged to the definition of the campground\" and that she needed to get the resource consent.
Hobbs said she was scolded.
She said she had told the police officer that she could have the other small houses and campers moved away if necessary.
The Security Council, she said, was \"excessive\" in trying to find problems.
\"I\'m really trying to get things done, but it feels like it\'s put in too --hard basket.
\"Barbara Dempsey, general manager of regulatory and compliance at the Council, said that due to the investigation, she was not able to have a detailed understanding of the problems with the camp or the return unit.
\"We are working with her to find a safe result for the occupants who live on site.
She said that since 1997, the new property in Tauranga needs a return device, and the type of system depends on the potential risk of water supply.
The Council supports initiatives such as small houses, but it is the responsibility to ensure their safety.
She said that it would be OK if a small house on a residential site met all the criteria, but for the commercial benefit, consent would be required for multiple residences or the use of the site.
\"Finding a small house in Tauranga is no more difficult than in any other area.
Rebecca batlitt, a small home builder at catcatati, laughed at the suggestion.
Based on her experience with many clients, it is much more difficult to have a small house in Tauranga.
She said some committees
Including West Bay-
It\'s easy to work with other peopleTauranga -
It\'s hard.
A clear national approach will help, she said, because there is a growing interest in the smaller size of life.
Two years ago, Bobby Cornell and Melissa Cox began looking for a small house village in Tauranga.
Cornell said that although people have more understanding and sympathy for the obstacles they face, but in removing the \"prohibitive\" restrictions or making this type of community live in Tauranga, almost or from the leadership of the Council.
She heard similar stories from advocates across New Zealand.
Cornell, who runs a business that designs small homes, said she would like to see a Commission strengthen and implement a pilot project.
\"We need action.
\"Janine Speedy, head of the council\'s urban growth program, said the council is working to change its urban planning rules to allow more types of families in urban areas, including small families.
At the same time, Hobbs just wanted a solution.
\"I hope someone there can solve this problem. \" • 10.
5 m long, 4 m high.
5 m wide registration when driving 4 m wide landing, warranty steel frame, polyester insulation Wood carpentry, milk paint two bedrooms full oven gas stove family-
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