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Hey, time traveler!
This article is published in 11/5/2003 (6245 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
\"Of course,\" replied his brother.
\"Why are they still here?
\"Except for water --
Everything else at the New Manitoba electrical Museum and Education Center is operated by electricity, including wheel-driven generators and some gas lights.
It\'s not surprising because this 522square-
Life proof of rice-
Manitoba Hydro and its retired employee group, Hydro X, have developed power conversion.
The museum, which opened in last December, was initially considered a place to showcase the early electrical and electrical appliances collected over the years, and also included a large amount of information on how hydropower can be transmitted from power stations to towns.
Just entered the brick structure at 680 Harrow Street.
Adjacent to the large water and electricity building in Manitoba on Taylor Avenue, it is an education in itself.
You can\'t miss the huge artwork on the museum grounds.
Large yellow turbine runner from the Great Falls power station, the oldest power station.
The automatic double glass doors of the former Harrow dock station lead to a large hall with glass walls showing some switches and monitoring equipment that are still in use.
But the main attraction is through another set of electric doors, where the electrical history of the province is illuminated by handon displays.
Copies of Winnipeg trams point to the first use of electricity in the province when overhead wires break
Drive a tram through the city street. Wall-
The wall chart details many of the past utilities in the province, starting with Winnipeg gas in 1873, to a large company now
Manitoba Hydro
\"We started with gasoline and we came back,\" Ed Boyd, one of the two hydro X volunteers who served as guides during our visit, mused.
David Hooper, an exhibition developer at the Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature, professionally designed an exhibition worth $210,000, linking adults and children with the history of electricity.
Young visitors are attracted by interactive displays where pressing a button will illuminate the artifact in a case or highlight a correct answer.
During our visit, the two exhibitions attracted the most energetic children. one a hand-
According to the speed and durability of the crane, start the generator that lights up the small bulb, and the other is four-
A tall robot consisting of small appliances, toys and other household appliances.
A panel in front of the robot consisting of 16 buttons lights up the wire, showing the energy consumption appliance or energy saving appliance, and other buttons provide the sound of the appliance.
In addition to this creature made of floor polish, vacuum cleaner, racing car, microwave oven, computer keyboard, there is a state --of-the art touch-
Visitors can test their safety and energy on screen terminals
Knowledge of efficiency.
Drawers full of early electrical appliances will arouse the interest of adults (
Some people remember electric heatingdog cooker? )
, A row of sparkling chrome toasters, as well as an early stove, dishwasher and vacuum cleaner with two sets
Plug on the black wire.
People of rural origin will linger on the farm electrified exhibition, as can be seen from the wall --
In which year their farm, region or community is connected to the grid.
The main floor shows information about transmission lines, transformers and power stations, providing more technical facts than most people can absorb in one visit.
But this window in Manitoba\'s electrical history is free, so a return visit may be arranged.
The only downside is limited time.
The museum is open from 1 to 4. m.
Monday to Thursday
Groups can work with museums to arrange other times
Coordinator Jenett Richter and plan to open the shop on Saturday.
Manitoba electrical Museum, 680 Harrow Street, Tel. 477-
7905, open 1 to 4 p. m.
Make an appointment from Monday to Thursday. Free admission.
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