my take: if you hear god speak audibly, you (usually) aren’t crazy

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-25
Editor\'s note: Tanya ·(“T. M. ”)
Lu man is a psychologist and a professor at Watkins University at Stanford University in California.
She is the author of \"when God strikes back: understanding the relationship between American evangelists and God. \" By T. M.
Lu man, CNN Special Report (CNN)—
In the Bible, God speaks directly to Abraham.
He said directly to Moses.
He spoke directly to job.
But what about your neighbor?
Most people who read the ancient scriptures understand that it is a miracle to hear the voice of God, a miracle that does happen, but does not happen again today, or perhaps because of the prosperity of folklore over ancient stories.
Even if they believe that miracles can be Christians in daily affairs, they will hesitate when they are told that they hear God speak.
There is an old joke: we call it prayer when you speak to God, but when God speaks to you, we call it spiritual division.
Except that is not usually the case.
It is common to hear voices when you are alone or when you see something that others can\'t see.
If you ask them straight, at least a tenth of them will say they have had such an experience.
About four out of ten people say that if you interview their sleep habits, they have an unusual perception experience between sleep and consciousness.
Keep an eye on the CNN Faith blog on twitter and if you ask them in a way that allows them to admit the mistake, the rate will be higher.
In contrast, Division of mind is one of the most debilitating of all mental disorders, very rare.
Only one out of 100 people can be diagnosed with the disease.
In addition, the pattern is quite different.
Mentally divided patients who often hear voices.
They often hear their voice all day, sometimes like a sound rain, or a ruthless hammer.
What they hear is not only a sentence, but also a paragraph: one word and one sentence.
The voice is terrible.
Insults, ridicule, and contempt. “Dirty. You’re dirty. ” “Stupid slut.
\"You should take the bus instead of the bus.
This is not what Abraham, Moses, and job have experienced, even when God is the most fierce.
For the past 10 years, I have been doing anthropology and psychological research in the experience-oriented evangelists who seek to establish personal relationships with God and expect God to speak back.
For most of them, most of the time, God will speak with the quiet voice they hear in their mind, or by the image that comes to mind when praying.
But many of them also reported the sensory experience of God.
They said that God touched their shoulders or stood up from the back seat and said in the way their ears heard that he loved them.
In fact, in 1999, Gallup reported that 23% of Americans heard the voice of prayer or saw the vision.
These experiences are short: a few words or short sentences at most. They were rare.
No more than a few, if so, were reported by those who reported them.
These experiences are not frustrating, although they are often disturbing and always surprising.
On the contrary, these experiences often make people feel closer to God and love God more deeply.
In fact, my research has found that these unusual sensory experiences are more common among those who pray with imagination --
For example, when prayer involves talking to God in your mind.
In general, unusual sensory experience has nothing to do with mental illness (we checked).
They are more common among those who feel comfortable being attracted by their imagination.
They are also more common among those who pray longer.
Prayer involves paying attention to the words and images in the mind and giving them meaning.
There are some changes about skilled practices that focus on the brain in this way --
Just a little bit-
The way we judge real things.
However, even many of these Christians, they very much want to have a backand-
Fourth, the relationship with God, a little hesitant when talking about hearing God speak with his ears.
They doubt all Bible examples of listening to God.
Augustine reported that when he cried at the foot of the fig tree in extreme circumstances, he heard a voice saying, \"take it and read.
He picked up the scriptures to convert.
When Christians I know hear the voice of God, they often suddenly think that they are crazy.
The famous neurologist Oliver Sachs tells his own story in his new book \"illusion\" about the illusion of changing his life.
As a young doctor, he took a lot of Anfei\'s life and published a book about migraine in the 19 th century.
He likes the book because it has detailed observation and human nature. He wanted more.
When he is looking in his mind for someone who can write more of what he can read, a loud internal voice tells him that \"you Fool\" is him.
So he began to write.
He\'s not taking drugs anymore.
Now, it is not recommended for anyone to take the drug.
He thinks what he does is dangerous and he thinks he is lucky to survive.
What interests me, however, is that he makes himself believe in the sound because the sound is good.
There is a difference between sounds related to mental illness (often bad)and those (often good)
Found in so-
Called normal population
If it is good to choose the advice to listen, then there is another difference between the person who chooses to listen and the person who does not listen.
When people like sacks hear the sound of giving them good advice, the experience can change them.
CNN\'s Faith blog: the belief angle behind the biggest story is important because when talking about sounds in the media or around the kitchen table, they are clearly seen as symptoms of madness.
Of course, the sound --
Hearing is related to mental illness.
But not all the time.
In fact, most of the time there is no.
About the third person I interviewed carefully in the church reported their unusual sensory experience related to God.
They also feel very relieved when they find these experiences surprising.
Science cannot tell us whether God created the voice that Abraham or Augustine Heard.
But it can tell us that many of these events are normal and part of the human perception structure.
History tells us that these experiences enable people to choose the path they should choose, but they hesitate to choose for various reasons. When the Rev.
Martin Luther King
In the winter of 1956, he sat at the kitchen table, fearing what would happen to him and his family during the Montgomery bus boycott, and he said, he heard the promise of Jesus: \"I want to be with you.
He went on.
Sound may be part of human suffering.
They may also inspire the greatness of mankind.
The views expressed in this review are only those expressed by TM Luhrmann.
I cannot begin to thank God that I have happiness and peace because of his relationship with me with him.
Even if things are not very good, he is also very good, he is still a happy and hope, and a person who can give me hope when I need it.
Thank God for speaking to me, guiding me, giving me the hope and love he gave me.
There is a shelter in the United States and there is now a lack of a particularly crazy prisoner named Bob.
When a person creates an illusion, it is called madness, and it is called religion when many people have an illusion.
Bob: \"Thank God, he spoke to me. . .
\"What did he say to you, Bob? Does \'He\':-
Tell you something you don\'t know yet? -
Tell you anything you can\'t think of with your imagination and creativity? -
Through a little research, tell you anything you can\'t find?
I heard him. Praise God.
I like to listen to him.
He often speaks to me through his Bible and I try to read it every day.
He spoke to me with his Holy Spirit, who lived in me and guided me on the way.
He spoke to me through signs and miracles and let me know that he was with me and cared about me. wow.
I don\'t know why God will take the time to give so much favor to you and me/man, but I know he will.
Close to him, he will be close to you.
God bless the light to enter the world, but the world does not recognize him or accept him.
He is the true light that brings light to everyone who comes to this world.
But, as it is today, only those who really seek him recognize him.
Jesus is the way, the truth and the life!
Usually, when people talk like this, we ask them to ask for help, but because there are enough people in this world who are willing to suspend reason in this special way, we allow
Gir answers me this is your stupidity, does someone in your family watch you make sure you don\'t hurt yourself?
Believe me, Bob. it\'s you.
What I\'m trying to say is that you can\'t help anymore, \"You can\'t solve stupid problems,\" but in fact, you can.
Qualify for Adderal, then register at the best university you can find, and then learn, learn.
I would recommend it for at least ten years. Good luck.
It was not until then that I realized that the teacher was not God, just the person who struggled in life, so I went to the creator of all life and really found the answer.
But you see that you still worship teachers, haven\'t gotten out of the fog yet, and say that everyone else is blind, I have been to where you are, but you have not been to where I am in the field of science, how can even fewer people judge larger people?
@ Bob we are all in a state of total ignorance as you used to be.
It was at birth.
However, unlike you, no one here is going back to that state like you.
Can\'t crack it?
I might have guessed.
Are there two F or are they failing?
Maybe try again with Adderall?
Worth a try.
Good luck in your life because your brain has betrayed you.
I think what I find most disturbing is the exclusion of any creative or original liner thinking in the process of thinking.
Moby gets a nine to five job and it\'s better to put it on something you\'ll never do.
Goshers, Bloob, what \"liner thinking\" are you talking about \"?
It must be a new one for me.
The American melon seeds just don\'t keep up with all the new ones --
Term for sharp teeth.
Can you tell me?
And Bob\'s best work on display. Thanks Bob.
I thought you were incoherent at first, but now I know that\'s what you think.
You actually write it the way they make sense to you!
Attachment to bullsh, 2,000 years old!
Myth shows a lot of creativity. . .
\"He spoke to me through the sign,\" My God, I hope this Ron does not wait for the sign to come out of the driveway passing by the highway.
@ MamaOh, it will be a good defense now in a car accident.
My God did not show me the sign in time.
Since the blog is anonymous, I would like to know how many people have their own \"closet\" religion or practice.
Things you don\'t admit happen in your own mind, and when the investigation begins, you always say that our religion is \"Presbyterian\" or \"Catholic\" or that you answer in public
Food for thinking.
We all have our own personalities.
What makes these special people dangerous is that these people who hold this illusion project their traits onto the gods they imagine, and then try to tell us that the rest of us live what they think God wants (
This is what they really want)
Standing in the moral position of some god who is considered to be associated with them personally, they deserve help.
We all have our own personalities.
What makes these special people dangerous is that these people hold such illusions and traits in life, then trying to tell us how others can live in connection with their personal God based on the ideas they stand in some people should give them help.
Reprimanding and insulting all, and striving to gain a place in society on the basis of fair treatment of all.
Newinepouring wrote: \"Advanced science has summed up a designer, please read it.
\"I agree that science has put an end to a designer\'s fraud belief in a designer.
You\'re not really reading science there, you\'re just being fed more religious crap and they tell you it\'s science.
I am sorry that your grammar and grammar are so clumsy and your education is so lacking.
We all go through the same thing after death. . . . . . . . .
Or cremated.
I will have more life than you after I die, just because I wrote more songs, poems, etc.
If you want a life after death, pick up a brush, pen, musical instrument, etc.
For the poor guy, this is the best you can hope.
Terrible people resort to insults.
This is not an English test.
No one cares about things like this, and no one feels it\'s just a friendly discussion.
I support the designer\'s comments. Your wrong.
Evolutionary science can\'t even explain why we have men and women, so how can it explain anything if this simple basic concept is beyond its grasp.
Just like you think you know the truth and believe in science, that\'s why atheism is a religion based on science and the real difference is that you believe in men and we believe in God, you \'d better ask Penn and Tyler about the origins of men and women, like science, who all do the same until the truth is known
Terrible people resort to insults.
This is not an English test.
No one cares about things like this, and no one feels it\'s just a friendly discussion.
I support * igner\'s comments. Your mistaken.
Obviously, Bob doesn\'t know how scientific methods work.
Please do not make such mistakes when entering the polling station.
At least I can find the polling station and know the question of voting and who to vote for, which is much more than I said to you.
Do you know how stupid you look?
Hello Tom, please do not make any comments until I reach your level. Thank you.
Bloobby, when did you marry Doogie?
Can you send me an invitation?
Thank you in advance!
@ Tom, TomYou should see some stupidity Bob shows on other threads! ! Holy sh! tcakes! ! !
Moby, it must be special if it impressed you. Which threads?
@ Bob, are you serious?
Of course, science can explain why we have men and women.
Those terrorists will also talk and hear with the \"God\" who believes in God or talks to God, which makes you crazy like them, just not like killing people.
Penn Gillette said the best.
\"My problem is not religion or God, but faith.
When you say that you believe in something in your heart and therefore you can take action, you have fully justified the 9/11 bomber.
You defended Charlie Manson.
If it\'s true to you, why isn\'t it true to them?
Why are you different?
If you say, \"I believe there\'s one.
The powerful power of love that connects all of us in the universe, and I have no evidence to prove it, but I believe in my heart, \"Well, it is perfectly OK to believe that Sharon Tate should die.
Believe in your heart, you need to fly a plane into the building for Allah, which is totally OK.
What does Penn JilletteWhat promise tomorrow?
However, you live in \"believe\" every day. Faith.
You operate the mechanism of faith every day.
Setting an alarm clock is an act of faith.
How do you know there will be tomorrow?
Science can\'t guarantee tomorrow, so there\'s a problem with your \"theory of faith.
If you believe you will have tomorrow, it is no different from those who think there is no tomorrow
And bank robbery.
So, you sit in the middle of us.
By the way, do you not have your own original ideas about these things?
I noticed you were quoting all the time. . .
I don\'t think Penn should do any more magic because he believes it will make him earn a living, so the same argument he makes for religion can be dangerous.
He actually makes a living by cheating and fooling others, so why is his point of view important?
This is ignorance, not knowing what people believe, but afraid anyway.
He is like you don\'t know what the Bible says, but your prejudice, unreasonable fear will make you paranoid, ignorant remarks.
Once you get it, maybe you and Penn can talk about a topic that knows what they\'re talking about, not a blind fear of God.
Look at what every religious book says.
What promises will be made tomorrow?
However, you live every dayving\" there is. F-aith.
The mechanism you operate faith everyday.
Setting an alarm clock is an act of faith.
How do you know there will be tomorrow?
Science can\'t guarantee tomorrow, so your \"fa-ith\".
If you give up tomorrow, you will have tomorrow, which is no different from those who do not raise h-tomorrow
And bank robbery.
So, you sit in the middle of us.
By the way, do you not have your own original ideas about these things?
I noticed you were quoting all the time. . .
What promises will be made tomorrow?
However, you live every dayving\" there is. F-aith.
The mechanism you operate faith everyday.
Setting your alarm clock is the first step.
How do you know there will be tomorrow?
Science can\'t guarantee tomorrow, so your \"fa-ith\".
If you give up tomorrow, you will have tomorrow, which is no different from those who do not raise h-tomorrow
And bank robbery.
So, you sit in the middle of us.
By the way, do you not have your own original ideas about these things?
I noticed you were quoting all the time. . .
So believing that the sun will rise tomorrow like billions of years is equivalent to trust the invisible zombie carpenter?
Take a look at the principles of agreement and then come and talk to us about faith.
Success today before yesterday and tomorrow is part of the collective consciousness experience.
There is no snake or donkey, no idea of perfection, no walking dead.
Trying to equate the two is a clear sign of a serious lack of reasoning power.
Do you dare to suggest that the effectiveness of an idea should be measured by how much comfort it brings to the individual? REALLY?
In any case, what kind of reasoning did they teach at these Jesus cult meetings?
When a large part of the population is inclined to such silly reasoning, I am concerned about the future of the country.
It is hoped that all religious believers will die before any significant impact on the country\'s future trajectory.
This is a hope supported by reliable, replicable statistics, not an anthology of myths before 2000.
See the difference?
The difference is the evidence provided by the measurement.
My alarm clock never rang.
The sun always rises.
The measurement is so accurate. . . . . . . . . . . . well. . . . . . . . . .
Like this. . . . . . . . . . clockwork.
\"Belief\" in something with a large number of verifiable measurements \"(evidence)
This is very different from faith, because faith has never been measured in any way at any time by any method we know.
It is a matter of concern that I feel the need to explain this obvious phenomenon.
@ Moby Schtick remember: these people vote.
Let it haunt your dreams tonight.
\"Belief\" in something with a large number of verifiable measurements \"(evidence)
This is very different from faith, because faith has never been measured in any way at any time by any method we know.
It is a matter of concern that I feel the need to explain this obvious phenomenon.
So I guess we shouldn\'t be spending billions of dollars and still have no evidence of whether Higg Boson is real or fake?
So this will be exactly what you define your beliefs, and science has committed billions of dollars that could have helped people in a real way.
It has never been measured in any way at any time, as I said, and science has invested billions of dollars.
Why don\'t you explain it?
We have faith in God, you have faith in Higgs, so can you explain it?
In fact, Gir does bother me in my dreams, idiots like you can\'t vote for life or wisdom, but they certainly know it all.
Bob, you\'re such an idiot.
The current physical model says that the Higgs is there, and it looks like it\'s about the same as we thought, but it\'s going very fast.
We are looking for the Higgs particle for the same reason you get up at night to investigate a suspicious sound in your home. .
@ You are alive, breathing the old saying that \"you can\'t fix it 」.
\"How can you breathe like a small mind like you?
So the model made by humans says it should be there, but billions of years later, we still don\'t know, or even if we know what that means?
So you should acknowledge that, according to your own definition of faith, at least you are just an atheist and not a complete azz hole.
Bob: a \"belief\" in something with a lot of verifiable measurements \"(evidence)
This is very different from faith, because faith has never been measured in any way at any time by any method we know.
\"You\'re right, Bob. they\'re different.
The first is honesty, you don\'t know, but you\'re not afraid to put forward a well-founded guess that you can work on-find out if you\'re right or wrong;
And ready to process any results.
The second, however, is a waste of time and illusion.
In other words, if you just have faith, just accept, and don\'t try to verify that it represents real, measurable things, then you are just lazy and cheating.
Bob, I\'ll answer when you start talking about anything close to \"faith\", \"physics\" or \"Higgs.
Now, you\'re just talking nonsense.
Neither faith nor physics nor scientific methods.
Are these concepts a bit out of your reach?
Maybe you should go to school or at least stop people from giving you ideas so you can think for yourself.
Just answer this Higgs particle, no one has ever seen it, no one has ever proved it, but people think it\'s simulated, so you can\'t touch it, it can\'t prove what it says mathematically, maybe all the great minds say yes.
So, isn\'t this confidence in something that fits the rules you outlined?
No Bob, no, but I don\'t want you to understand, so I\'m not interested in explaining it to you.
Again, you have to prove that you have the slightest understanding of \"faith\", \"physics\" and \"scientific methods\" because I find that you are not so smart
Poor dead and boring.
You\'re wrong. it\'s not the same thing. --
About nine to ten things.
You don\'t even know that your question is not even a wise wording.
Research and Learning.
I would expect answers from people who can\'t think for themselves that you are a product of this system, and I didn\'t expect any other results.
When you get some real experience in your life, maybe we can talk about it.
Bob: \"I would expect answers from people who can\'t think for themselves that you are a product of this system, and I didn\'t expect any other results.
\"What the hell are you trying to say? ?
You sound like \"The truth is told\" in slow motion \". with a cold.
After another night, Bob, the master of pigeon chess, received a dollar from him.
The game was unstoppable tonight and Bob had to announce victory and retreat.
He now has few opponents in imitating Nixon.
\"I have wisdom, you don\'t ! \"
My brain is bigger than yours!
\"But there\'s only Jello between your ears!
You tell yourself every time your post comes up!
You use your eyes as a tool to enter the field of vision.
Ears, use the ear tool to enter the field of listening, the field of listening does not exist for you.
You have sense of touch, taste, and all the tools to consolidate multiple dimensions of what we call life here.
The spiritual person within you enters the spiritual world and often moves around in the metaphorical world of dreams.
Sin separates us from G = d, making us mentally deaf and dumb.
When awakened by faith G = d, people who were once blind began to see that people who were once mentally deaf began to hear.
You tell me there is no G = d just like the blind told me there is no blue sky. You are sp-
No connection.
This does not mean that there is no G = d.
It\'s also nice to hear the truth from others, okay! ! Utter nonsense.
Think it scares me that people like you are allowed to vote.
So, after you say that all religions except Christianity are peaceful, what religion do we go to war with in the Middle East? ?
Is that pigeon chess?
There is no more evidence than astrology to prove any god.
Do you believe in Astrology?
Pious \"believers\" talk about \"sin\", the Bible or the Quran, or talk to \"God\" like a blind man who tells people that the sky is not blue, it is made of invisible plastic pudding.
You need spiritual help.
Newinepouring, you need another pair
But there are too many of you.
Do not confuse the main prenuptial agreement with cranberry.
Usually, the associated cat displays the legendary necessities in the parking slot.
Set a precedent for your network. Triangulate!
Save the best things for the crocodile.
Although the Bastille has left a gap for the orchestra, Wendy is not green and the horse will surrender.
Filter out the logs from the revolving door and cry generally.
Brown stared.
Feed your heart with walnuts and determination.
In the presence of snow and animals, put your lemon on the clever door.
Channel 7 is for the money Cheese Wizards.
Facing the kitchen, you might as well extend the sailing boat on the cliff for a while.
Otherwise, the rabbit may fall on your left nostrils.
Think about how you can strip at sea.
The storm of the feast (6)
Will beat the parrot with an armband.
Monopolize the market on seemingly closed remains, but do not seek evidence.
There you can find angry pig and Apple Mountain.
When you debate the ceiling of the warning fulcrum, it falls eloquently.
Pump out the corn cob in large quantities and don\'t spoil the pancreas.
Next, control your wood.
Put your watch in front to see the cat. Aft! Smarties (12)!
Rome did not flinch on autumn nights. (42)
See the turntable on the escalator.
Really read the garage spider carefully with Brown again.
Now we have obvious congestion, so here we are.
Just a moment is not the beef of ink, nor is it (4)
Said Karen was at milboulder.
Garbage is like a candle in a kitten.
Walk, walk, walk until the vacuum meets the holiday up.
Sell the yellow one.
Then ask Louise to trim the bus before ten cheese.
Isolated from koan and heavily stewed boats.
Remember, never miss the opportunity to watch the elephant paint Mozart.
Jill, you\'re amazing.
The God of @ Newinepouringyou is also likely to exist like a tooth fairy or an Easter rabbit.
You believe them too?
Are you trying to tell me that Michelle bach man and Sarah Palin are not crazy?
I don\'t believe you because I heard a voice that was very clear.
The only reason we tolerate these people is that there are enough people to share this illusion, make any rational assessment of it, and attack immediately.
If we have enough big mouths to brag about the existence of big feet or the validity of Islamic law, the two ideas will enjoy the same special status.
As I said below, Islamic law is actually a real estate in Michigan, and as for the big foot, Science recently seems to prove that he may indeed exist, so you have to keep up with some intelligence about the changes in the situation.
Bob just proved what I said.
You say Azz as if they didn\'t do it, your point is zero, and it would make more sense as atheists are trying to do now.
Welcome to the confused world of pigeon chess Bob.
His is a special madness.
Can anyone say something stupid?
We need to communicate with Bob.
\"We have been told that no matter what the flaws of religion are, we must at least instill morality.
In all respects, there is solid evidence that the opposite is true, and that belief can make people more mean, selfish, and, perhaps most importantly, more foolish.
This is probably the most ridiculous statement I have ever seen.
There are a lot of selfish, mean \"religious\" people.
But there are many
Same religious people.
I have seen more of the latter but maybe only me.
Hitchins is a complete azz hole and has never done anything good for the country.
Our ancestors were wise men, and George Washington was a great man who contributed a lot to the country.
In his farewell speech, he said that religion and morality are indispensable support in all tendencies and habits that lead to political prosperity.
The man claimed that patriotism was futile and that patriotism should strive to subvert these great pillars of human happiness, the most determined pillar of human and civic duty.
Just like the devout, politicians should respect and cherish them.
A volume cannot track all their connections to private and public happiness.
Let\'s simply ask: where is the safety of property, reputation and life if the religious sense of responsibility abandons the oath as a court of inquiry tool?
Let us be careful to assume that morality can be maintained without religion.
Regardless of the recognition of the influence of refined education on the mind of special structures, reason and experience, we cannot expect that national morality will prevail in the exclusion of religious principles.
Combined with most mass murders are atheists who don\'t fit your argument.
Bob, why are you saying that?
There is no evidence to support, and your statement has been refuted countless times on this blog.
Why should I stick to it, because I don\'t want anyone to ignore the truth, and it doesn\'t make sense that no one refutes this more than what you just said.
The only reason we tolerate these people is that there are enough people to share this illusion, make any rational assessment of it, and attack immediately.
If we have enough big mouths to brag about the existence of big feet or the validity of Islamic law, the two ideas will enjoy the same special status.
No one can drop it.
Believe in the magical sky monster.
In this era, there are still people who want to see the whole world burning because of their sick minds. . . . er. . . I mean, \"gods\". .
It is OK to tell them such crazy beliefs.
Proof of conscience, or consciousness between right and wrong, is not an inherent attribute given by God.
You say that a man without God does not need him to have morality.
You can\'t prove that God isbelievers.
A designer concluded after reading \"advanced science.
Ironically, the first 5 words of your guru are Christ.
You can\'t leave him, can you?
Higgins was wrong.
In general, religion does do a good job of instilling morality.
The problem is to emphasize the Abraham religion of the individual God.
Most believers simply project their own beliefs and traits to their gods and then think that they have a higher moral foundation than others because their \"Lord and personal savior\" also shares
In the end, \"morality\" is just anything you want to be an individual believer.
It\'s much better to adopt a less personal approach to religion. Prove c-
The consciousness between science and right is not an embedded G-
Given properties.
You say that no one without him needs him to be moral.
You can\'t prove G-d, in non-believers.
A designer concluded after reading \"advanced science.
Ironically, the first 5 words of your guru are Chr-ist.
You can\'t leave him, can you?
Atheists may not kill in the name of God, but they will kill for themselves, so the result is almost the same.
Why don\'t you learn to teach the religion of violence and teach the religion of peace, it will be very helpful.
Not to mention making it look like you know what you\'re talking about.
\"You can\'t prove that X doesn\'t exist, so it doesn\'t exist!
\"Do you religious people realize that
If it were an effective line of reasoning, what would the world look like?
Which \"higher science\" is the proof that God exists \"?
The Bible is correct? LOL.
The last time I checked, your creator couldn\'t even design a simple testable assumption for the \"God\" hypothesis.
How did God\'s science come from?
In fact, I have studied and distinguished the religion of violence from the religion of peace.
Christianity is the most violent and the only Christian I have ever encountered to preach foolish and childish reasoning. (
1: 27 Corinthians, Matthew 18: 1-4)
No wonder you have never heard of Muslims, Jews, Taoism or Buddhism --
The debate about whether to teach biblical mythology in the science classroom dominates.
These religions, despite their shortcomings, encourage their believers to acquire knowledge rather than immerse themselves in the world of God --
Agree with foolish and childish ideas.
The atheist has no evidence that God does not exist, although I know he has a small example of the face of the person I pray with tears, or the hope now expressed in one word is more important than all the lies here well, I will not say lies, but stupid or lack of faith, or just the ignorance you make up to not understand what reality is.
I \'ve seen miracles and hearings and you want me not to believe it just because you can\'t quantify it. BS.
In many cases I got a word from God about them and they did what he told me.
I said a lot and I mean give a lot or a word to others and you want me to stop.
You are an ignorant person to me and don\'t want to see the nose in front of you.
Gir now I know you are an azz hole with no knowledge at all, answer me, what religion are we fighting in the Middle East ding, ding, time is up, sorry, the wrong answer is that you are disqualified, please try again another day, when you graduate from elementary school, why is there a conflict in the Middle East first, if not because of these waves
Why should I care about your delusion and what miracle do you think you see?
Do you really think that personal experience is a good evidence?
Are you sure about experience?
I know you\'re an uneducated fool.
How did you survive to this day without being killed by your own great stupidity, it\'s a more relevant question about the presence of your invisible sky Dad.
It is good for the world. do not vote or attempt to give birth.
Gir you are an idiot, the post above and the post below conflict with each other in your own words and figure out your story before you post it.
Science uses observation as a valuable tool, so yes, in this case, I think it is enough to observe.
By the way, why do you benefit mankind?
You obviously don\'t have a clue.
Jill, you might as well argue with the stump.
Spots are more stupid than a box of hair.
Bob, you messed up the post.
Then it\'s time to use \".
Who the hell are you?
There are also two pictures of your picture.
Now is the time to use it correctly.
Police thank you for your rights, sorry, what are your rights?
This part is an hour of the day, but I laughed for a whole minute on TT\'s post.
To be honest, I can\'t even click the mouse.
Moby, it\'s nice to hit your funny bone.
The irony is so beyond the spots, it\'s really sad.
\"The reason people use the cross with vampires is because vampires are allergic to bullspit.
If God created people in his own image, how could I not be seen?
David Bowles: \"I am not trying to imagine a private God;
It is enough to be in awe of the structure of the world, because it makes us not have enough senses to appreciate it.
All three of them are great quotes, but I especially like the second one.
\"Scientists don\'t sing with their hands every Sunday. \" Yes, gravity is real!
I know gravity is real!
I will have confidence!
I believe in my heart that things that rise, rise must fall, fall, fall. Amen!
\"If they did, we would think they were very insecure about the concept.
Godless Dan Buck: How the evangelist priest became one of the leading atheists in the United States, apparently CNN has decided that my review is over, go ahead.
Newwine, maybe you want to hit \"constant-itution\". . . .
Or one of them: bad letter combinations/Words to avoid if you want to pass the CNN automatic filter: many (if not most) are buried in other words, so use your imagination.
You can use dashes, spaces, or other characters or some html trick to modify the \"offending\" letter combination. ---ar-se. . . . . as in ar-senic. co-ck. . . . . as in co-ckatiel, co-ckatrice, co-ckleshell, co-ckles, etc. co-on. . . . . as in racc-oon, coc-oon, etc. crac-ker…cu-m. . . . . . as in doc-ument, accu-mulate, circu-
Mnavigate, circuit breaker operating overvoltage-mstances, cu-mbersome, cuc-umber, etc. ef-fing. . . as in ef-fing filterft-w. . . . . . as in soft-ware, delft-ware, swift-water, drift-wood, etc. ho-mo. . . . . as in ho-
Homo sapiens or ho-mose-xual, ho-
Sophie Moon. more, etc. ho-Otus. . . Like in sho-otersho-rny. . . . as in tho-rny, etc. inf-orms us…hu-mp… as in th-ump, th-umper, th-umpingjacka-ss. . .
However, the \"ass\" itself is allowed. . . . . ja-p. . . . . . as in j-apanese, ja-pan, j-ape, etc. koo-ch. . . . as in koo-chie koo. . ! nip-pleo-rgy…. as in po-rgy, zo-rgy, etc. pi-s. . . . . . as in pi-stol, lapi-s, pi-ssed, therapi-st, etc. p-oon… as in sp-oon, lamp-oon, harp-oonp-orn… as in p-ornographypr-ick. . . . as in pri-ckling, pri-ckles, etc. que-erra-pe. . . . . as in scra-pe, tra-peze, gr-ape, thera-peutic, sara-pe, etc. se-x. . . . . . as in Ess-ex, s-exual, etc. sl-utsm-ut…. . as in transm-utationsn-atchsp-anksp-ic. . . . . as in desp-icable, hosp-ice, consp-icuous, susp-icious, sp-icule, sp-ice, etc. sp-ook… as in sp-ooky, sp-ookedstrip-perti-t. . . . . . as in const-itution, att-itude, t-itle, ent-ity, alt-itude, beat-itude, etc. tw-at. . . . . as in wristw-atch, nightw-atchman, salt-water, etc. va-g. . . . . . as in extrava-gant, va-gina, va-grant, va-gue, sava-ge, etc. who-re. . . .
Just like the one you\'re joking with/Don\'t forget to enter the apostrophe! wt-f. . . . also! ! ! ! ! ! ! x.
Xx . . . . . . Another phrase was found, \"wo-nderful us\" (
Don\'t know what makes that one off).
-And more, some of them are considered \"racist\", so don\'t think the list is complete. . . .
People are equal in life, and the creator gives them an inalienable right.
What democracy are you talking about?
Not this, of course.
You have to root out and clear the fruit. maybe that\'s what American liberalism is about.
Show me a \"truly successful democracy\" with any reasonable standard, no God, no God.
First, we need an example of real democracy.
Why do you believe that democracy depends on an imaginary creature?
After reading the comments of radical atheists who claim to control 98% of this forum, it is a pleasure to see Christians offering care, and it is peaceful for you to defend our religion.
Personally, I have never understood for the rest of my life why a person who claims to be tolerant and criticizes Christian intolerance would show so much intolerance to Christians, when this forum is dedicated to discussing topics related to faith, why are so many people claiming to have no faith, anyway, this forum troll?
The fool said in his heart, there is no God.
I would like to invite every liberal and atheist to die and find a hard way!
When Pascal\'s bet is wiped out almost when it exists, aren\'t you tired of it?
Pascal\'s bet is a typical example of how religious thought can have a detrimental effect on even the minds of the greatest people.
To read Pascal\'s stupid arguments for choosing Christianity rather than other religions, to make people aware that the same thoughts put pressure on the world, pascal\'s triangle and many other advances began only a few years ago.
If it doesn\'t scare your religion back, there\'s nothing! !
Wow, wow: quote. . . . .
There is nothing more compelling than this.
Back on your knees, God is afraid that the soul always says that heaven is better than Earth-so if you hear God\'s voice, why don\'t you go there? You\'re crazy, sorry, for help!
If you have a voice in your head, you\'re crazy.
Faith is not equal to fact.
You don\'t believe anything in your heart, because your heart is an organ used to deliver blood to other parts of your body.
The numbers, phrases, and convenient words that speak do not justify what is.
Most of the people who murdered the masses reported hearing voices asking them to do so.
Anyone who truly believes that they \"hear the voice of God\", as long as there is no violence, they are as mentally ill as they are.
Most of the murderers are \"believers\" and all \"believers\" are a group of swindlers who need to be shut down. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
The psychologist should lose his job and license.
\"Secular schools must not be tolerated, because such schools do not have religious education, and general moral education without religious foundation is based on the air;
Therefore, all character training and religious beliefs must come from faith. . .
We need people with faith. \" (Adolf Hitler.
On April 26, 1933, he delivered a speech in the negotiations leading to the Nazis.
The Vatican pact of 1933. )
Curious to ask, do you think Hitler is rational or crazy?
One more question: Hitler wants to shut down the Jews.
Like you said, \"the person who believed should be shut down \".
Do you think Hitler is a rational person or an irrational person?
Now that you quote him, are you doing this to confirm what you comment on what should be done to believers, or is it to refute yourself in an irrational rant?
You must be the stupidest and most ignorant atheist I have ever met.
Mass murder may sound, but not from God.
In fact, most of the most outrageous killers are atheists like Hitler.
Hui, the gunman suspected of committing the Virginia Tech massacre, killed 33 people in just a few instances.
Thus, atheists here condemn religion, but they commit more murders than any Christian group in history.
Maybe we should really focus on them because they prove to be a threat to society here?
Bob conveniently ignored all the facts that showed that Hitler was a Catholic and that he thought he was doing an excellent job in a cult.
This behavior is easy once you start believing that any God really exists. 0G-
Without God, ghosts, goblins or another atheist in ghouls, who reads the top of this page, there is never wisdom to understand the truth that you can expect.
Hitler is not a Christian, he cheats people with Christian faith, he is an atheist and gay, so if you do a little research you will find out the truth.
On December 13, 1941, midnight, Hitler himself said that Christianity was the invention of a patient\'s brain, and one could imagine that there was nothing more foolish than that, when everything was said, there is no longer any indecent way to turn divine thoughts into ridicule, and there is no reason why we want the Italians and the Spaniards to be free from Christian drugs.
Let\'s be the only one immune to the disease.
Wow, it sounds like an atheist here today. it\'s a coincidence. NOT.
I can give you more but that should be done and maybe you should reconsider life because the facts seem to be leaving you.
Bob, what is your source?
Hilt is a Christian.
@ In any case, wherever it is, it is sometimes claimed that Hitler was a Catholic before his death.
In fact, Hitler rejected Christianity.
The book of Hitler\'s secret conversationati-
Ons contains absolute proof of Hitler\'s true view.
In fact, the History Channel did a full hour of coverage of Hitler being gay.
Bob\'s family will give him a Shasta Braga every time they post. . .
I can imagine him in this position.
\"I can imagine his position\" Yes, you are a cultural monster who knows how to imagine it.
I like to roll in the sewer, don\'t I!
Guys, no one is working for me, but it\'s good to know what will surprise you, do you have the wisdom and thoroughness to verify that Hitler\'s secret conversation is accurate?
\"I have wisdom, you don\'t!
My brain is bigger than yours! \"Stupid parrot!
There\'s Jello between your ears!
Every time you scream, you tell yourself!
\"The difference between faith and madness is that faith is the ability to believe in conclusions that are incompatible with evidence, however, madness is the ability to adhere to conclusions that are incompatible with evidence.
William Harwood, Dictionary of Contemporary Mythology: don\'t think you\'re special without God, you\'re not.
God is created by a poor man who wants God to rule others.
No God, no God.
If there is no God, then the concept of \"ness\" on the right is empty.
So why do you care about \"self-righteous thinking?
There is no right or wrong in your world, and anyone can judge you.
If there is no moral value, it should have no effect on you than \"righteousness.
You do not, I suppose, \"mature\" and \"believe\" that there is no God because you think from your conscience.
The standards of modern society are not dependent on God. Liberal (
Relax with little \"l\"
Democratic countries seek to put forward reasonable standards of conduct (and punishment)
God is not needed.
Morality cannot be conceived without God, which requires a truly poorly developed mind.
Are you a religious? They try to say that if there is not an invisible bully looking from your shoulder and threatening you to bake forever in an imaginary fire pit, you are
You guys are sick!
The democracy established by the great people, you do not deserve the fruit of it.
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