naked texan in pickup truck crashed into mall, put on clothes, cops say

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-26
Police say a naked man rammed a pickup truck into a Dallas mall and drove past several grocery stores before stopping to try on clothes and shoes.
35-year-old Arthur Walker allegedly drove a red Dodge pickup truck through the double glass doors of the Southwest Central Mall at 7: 30 a. m. m.
On Friday, before driving through the door where a champion sports store was torn down, I hit a few kiosks.
\"He hit the door, backed up, and came back again with all his might, and just then he came in,\" said delchina Avery, who witnessed the crash from the parking lot, tell ABC News League WFAA-TV in Dallas.
I think he\'s crazy.
\"I never realized it was Friday the 13 th,\" Avery said . \".
At the champion sports store, Walker walked out of the truck and put on some clothes from the store and a pair of Nike Jordan sneakers.
The police arrived and arrested Walker in the store.
An ambulance sent him to the hospital for evaluation, but not before the Sgt.
Elliott faked the storage of the new shoe.
\"I just took off my sneakers because no one wanted to see him naked.
\"We can at least return the sneakers,\" Forge told WFAA . \".
\"My assessment is that he is not thinking right.
\"Police said Walker was involved in a family riot about a mile from the mall, and for some reason he left his home naked.
Before the mall incident, police received a phone call from a woman in the area saying a man wearing a red pickup truck approached her car in a blanket.
She said he knocked on her window and asked her to go out, but she drove away.
The police did not release Walker\'s medical assessment, but Forge speculated about why he was prompted to run naked at the mall.
Forge said: \"Usually, when we and . . . . . . When dealing with naked people, they are usually affected by some kind of drug . \".
At the time of the incident, the mall had not opened and no one was injured.
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