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by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-09

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[Pacific Home Network Industry Channel] People often say this, if it means that something is not reliable, it will be said to be paper. This statement also formed our view of paper - fragile. However, this is not the case. Some 'paper' - such as honeycomb paper - is not the case. Honeycomb paper can be used as a filler for interior doors, and there are other features that are incomparable with fillers. Now, let's get to know it with Xiaobian.

Misreaded cellular 'paper' board National standard has default

In June last year, there were media reports that the wind blew the security door of a dormitory in Hubei University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, revealing the 'paper core.' The word 'paper core' immediately caused heated discussion, and the public condemned the companies that used the paper core to do the door, and the doors made of honeycomb paperboard were considered to be inferior. However, at this point, consumers are really smashing the business, but also smashed the honeycomb paper.

'Using honeycomb paper as the filling material for doors and windows, which is widely used in the world, is also a very mature process.' Zhang Peng, secretary general of the Wood Door and Window Professional Committee of the China Wood and Wood Products Circulation Association, said that consumers are making honeycomb paper. The core is not linked to the quality failure because it is misunderstood in a kind of understanding, and the paper paste is not reliable.

'Our filling materials are in line with the requirements of national standards.' In the reporter's visit, the owner of the door and window store in the building materials market said, but from the boss's expression, the boss is still reluctant to relate to 'honeycomb paper.'

In the first wooden door standard issued by the state on December 1 last year, it was actually admitted that honeycomb paper can be used as a filling material.

'Honeycomb paper is a good thing. From a macro perspective, it can save China's timber resources; microscopically, qualified honeycomb products have better performance in sound insulation and noise reduction.' Industry expert Zhang Liang said that honeycomb As a filling material, the paper can fully guarantee the normal use function of the wooden door and ensure the long-term quality stability under the correct process production conditions.

Zhang Peng also said that the use of honeycomb paper in the door core will not lower the quality standards of the products, because the inspection standard for wooden doors is the same regardless of the material changes.

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