Need to pay attention to the use of indoor wooden doors

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-09

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Need to pay attention to the use of indoor wooden doors

Wooden doors, as the name suggests, are wooden doors. It can be divided into many types according to materials, processes and uses. Widely used in civil and commercial buildings and residential buildings.

The interior door is the door that is installed at the entrance of the indoor room and is the general term for all room doors. The interior door is defined by the purpose of the door; corresponding to the 'outdoor door' is the entrance door, the entrance door - which is commonly referred to as a security door, a security door, and the like. Interior doors can also be referred to as home doors.

Self-made elastic block interior door block

The door of the home often has to be switched. When the door is opened, it often directly hits the wall. For a long time, the lock box and the handle on the door are easy to touch the wall and damage the wall and the door, which affects the appearance. At this time, the living room person can find a rubber block about 5 cm thick or a thick rubber on the small wooden block, and nail it in the lower corner of the side of the hinge on the side of the door, so that the door and the window will not be damaged. This will ensure that the interior wooden doors will not damage the locks and walls of the wooden doors during use.

Make the door not blown away by the wind

If the door in the house is closed and it is easy to be blown open or not opened, it is neither convenient nor safe. We can find a strong magnet of appropriate size, which is buried in the upper part of the door frame at about 1/4 of the door height. Then, a piece of iron is nailed to the door frame and the door frame. When the door is closed, it can be sucked on each other to prevent the door from being blown away by the wind. If the wooden door is often blown inside, the wooden door will not be quickly lost. Water, but also the creation of privacy in the living room can not be highlighted

Bullet door lock

When the marble door lock is used for a long time, it often causes dryness and failure, and it is not easy to open and close. At this time, it is possible to inject some pencil core into the lock cylinder to achieve the lubrication effect, but do not arbitrarily fill the oil, some oil is harmful to the lock; if the lock is inconvenient to continue to force open or close, then Long-term use in this way can lead to deformation of the interior door and so on.

As a wooden door product for interior doors, people can easily ignore some problems during use. If you ignore some problems during the use of the interior door for a long time, it will seriously affect the service life of the interior door. Of course, the hardware of the interior door. The quality of the accessories also affects the service life of the wooden doors; therefore, in daily life, to extend the service life of the wooden doors, attention should be paid to the maintenance of the door panels, door covers, door locks, etc. of the wooden doors.

Need to pay attention to the use of indoor wooden doors

According to many consumers in the market, indoor door wooden doors are prone to deformation, cracking, etc. after a period of use, thus reducing the sound insulation, sealing and performance of the door; consumers should not use the wooden door normally. Hang heavy objects on the door to avoid shortening its service life; when opening and closing the door, do not use too much force, or the opening angle is too large, otherwise it will damage the deformation, cracking, etc. This is the maintenance of the door panel of the indoor wooden door. The best way to know is that the door panel of the interior door has a certain amount of gravity. If you apply too much gravity to it during use, it will cause the door panel to gradually fall down, causing the door frame and door cover, etc. damage.

Indoor wooden doors should not be in a humid environment for a long time. Because the materials of wooden doors generally have wood, the moisture resistance of wood is quite poor. The interior doors are kept in a humid environment for a long time, and the wooden doors are easily deformed; the indoor wooden doors are also afraid of drying. Allow the wood door to be exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, otherwise the paint will be discolored, aged or peeled off. Therefore, the wooden door should be sprayed with water and wiped clean with a dry cloth to avoid local expansion. When removing the stain on the surface of the wooden door, it should be wiped with a soft cotton cloth. When the stain is too heavy, use a neutral detergent, toothpaste or furniture-specific cleaning agent. After removing the stain, dry it again; Xuanyuan dipped in neutral reagents or cloth with moisture should not be placed on the surface of the wood door for a long time, and can not use some acidic or alkaline corrosive substances on the interior door surface. Wash it, otherwise it will invade the surface of the wooden door and discolor or peel the surface finish material.

The sound insulation effect of the wooden door depends on the material of the door and the details in the processing. Since the sound insulation of the door is achieved by reducing the air flow, the higher the density of the door, the greater the weight and the better the sound insulation effect. However, consumers can't judge the sound insulation and heat insulation effect of the interior door only from the weight; the hinge is a kind of hardware that connects the wooden door and the door frame. The good hinge has anti-corrosion performance and good transmission, which can ensure the hinge. Uniform force, will not cause damage due to the weight of the door, it is recommended that consumers must choose hardware with good moisture resistance during the purchase process.

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