\'nerds\' come together after vandals trash nova scotia role-playing camp

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-14
After a group of vandals destroyed a business in Cape Breton, police are investigating the role of people gathering in the woods to enjoy live action --
Play warriors, Wizards and a variety of medieval characters.
Mark Delaney, a player who used to create imaginary battles and adventures for the underground world Cape Breton: Stormy Grove franchises, said misleading teenagers could be blamed --
But he is concerned that some of them may be out of hatred.
The camp, located on a private property near a secluded lake in southwest Sydney, was recently damaged and sprayed
Depicted with homophobic slurs, rough images and obscene insults.
\"Hatred has been involved in this discussion,\" said Delaney, who also acts as an actor at the historic site of the Lewisburg National in the Eastern Cape Breton.
Many of the company\'s clients are members of the LGBTQ community, Delaney said.
\"It does have all the signs of hatred,\" said Delaney from N. Glace Bay. S.
\"They deliberately intimidate others and try to stop what others are doing and they are doing everything they can.
Even though it\'s the silly behavior of the kids, I really think there\'s something else going on at least in the head home.
In the shabby shelves and furniture, a tarp for a temporary tent was sprayed.
Painted with the word \"nerd.
There is a more direct message on the nearby bench: \"Wizards.
A stack of boards was sprayed-
Drew a misspelled \"your gay.
And a big wooden door.
Designed and built by Delaney, it looks like a medieval gate
Pulled out from the ground and fell.
Cape Breton Regional Police did not respond to requests for comment on Thursday. Business co-
Owner Jeff Bush Nick posted a video on social media showing several people coming out of a wooded area near dirt road and driving several cars speeding.
When he recorded the intruder leaving, one of the cars seemed to turn to Bush Nick.
Bush said it was difficult for him to conclude that the vandals were motivated by hatred.
\"Without knowing the children, I don\'t think we can know,\" he said in an interview . \".
\"There\'s at least one homophobic slander there . . . . . . This is certainly possible.
However, he said he was surprised by the relatively young age of those who left the site.
He said: \"For today\'s young people, I think they will overcome this old prejudice . . . . . . This is frustrating . \".
Player Steven Rolls says vandalism has escalated in recent weeks.
\"There has been some tension between nerds and others,\" he said . \" He added that most of the players he knows are members of the LGBTQ community.
\"They are people who feel like outsiders elsewhere.
We have some people who are anxious and don\'t go out in public . . . . . . But they will come to the woods with us to feel comfortable.
Meanwhile, roles
Players from all over the country are helping their aggrieved comrades rebuild their now three-year-old village.
The GoFundMe campaign, launched by Bushnik on Monday night, has surpassed the $5,000 target by early Thursday, close to $6,000.
A post on the website said: \"I am a nerd and our nerd is united . \".
The other person said: \"It\'s sad that someone\'s life outside is so empty that there is nothing better for them than destroying to bring happiness to others.
A lot of donations once again show that there are more good people in this world than bad people. ”—
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