new-look for plush love island 2019 pad with majorca hideaway getting sexy make-over

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-12
The luxurious Love Island 2019 pad has been sexy and has introduced many new features, especially to help islanders get up close to the individual.
The magnificent Mallorca stake has been renovated to give the stars enough privacy so they can really get to know each other.
But there will still be a lot of cameras to capture all the sultry actions on our screen.
Even though TV bosses worry that this hideout is gone
A separate double bedroom outside the main house, the island residents were voted to spend the night with their partner --
It is reported that it is still part of the villa.
Now, the new star of the ITV2 show will splash around in the brand new hot tub, which is carefully placed away from the main seating area of the garden, to encourage islanders to steal in some private moments.
The outdoor space also has a new pool and gym installed so every islander can work on their buff body.
Aerial photos of Villa Mallorca show that it is still a construction site with containers, hay bags and wooden boards left on the ground. But the tree-
The queuing path to the front door has been landscaped
You will see this when Islanders exit or are voted out --
The same is true of the small garden behind the Villa.
This is the same property that ITV has used in the past few years of filming, but so far there is no word about whether the producer will bring back Casa Amor this year. The so-
In the past series, the boys known as the secret villa were brutally used to test the loyalty of the couple, who were sent away from the main villa to greet a group of new beauties in the second house.
Yes: you can rent Casa Amor if you like as it is the holiday rental house for the rest of the year.
Both villas are located in the sun.
On the east side of MALLORCA, Balearic island.
Last year, the main house was renovated with a new theme.
From the big bedroom to the marble bathroom with a luxurious bathtub, his interior decoration is amazing.
A huge dressing room was provided to prepare girls and boys for their appointment.
Other spaces include living rooms with enough sofa space (
Including a defender.
Prepare beds for those who break up or fight)
Caroline flak hosts the reconstructed fire pit
Coupling ceremony
This year it will be seen that the public bedroom of the villa is decorated in a blue and yellow color scheme, consistent with the new waterfront theme.
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