november 1, 1984

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-14
November 1, 1984, starting as usual, almost as usual, acrossYamuna Colony.
The milkman poured the milk into the waiting equipment, newspaper
We threw the pieces of history into the house and chewed the cows in the middle of the road. . .
Everything looks normal.
The assassination of Indira Gandhi by her own Sikh bodyguard occupies the center of everything that was written, spoken or done that morning.
A group of local people warmly discussed the last moments of the late prime minister.
It was as if they were present when Mrs. Gandhi\'s hands were in common practice, and her assassin opened fire with their automatic weapons. \". . .
They filled her body with bullets, \"said the young man, describing the explosion of her bodyguard who used it to shoot the prime minister.
Another man has publicly expressed disgust at the services the prime minister was rushed to hospital after being shot.
There are rumors that when Indira Gandhi was lying on a stretcher bleeding, no one recognized her for 10 minutes --
The busy emergency department of the big hospital.
People are angry not because a bleeding patient is left unattended within 10 minutes, but because no one recognizes a bleeding Indira Gandhi!
In the emergency department of most hospitals across the country, patients usually die from bleeding.
A gentleman even described the similarities between what happened the day before and what happened decades ago when a Hindu fanatic shot and killed the father of Gandhi.
While all accounts are focused on the dead prime minister, the pain of the people who killed her and the faith of the assassin became apparent in a minute.
The assassin of Gandhi did not discuss further.
\"Sardars are terrible terrorists,\" Shuklaji casually sips hot, sweet from dark brown clay.
The person present expressed toxic approval for his statement.
The stimulus for the assassination spread as quickly as the virus flu.
Rumors, hatred and insecurities are a vicious mix, even more dangerous than the venom of the most deadly cobra!
On November, the three men were free to mix with the already polluted air in the city.
Children are not allowed to go out. \"Howzat! \"\"What a hit! \"\"Runnnn. . . \"\"Out !
\"Loud comments from nearby fairways suggest that another cricket match is going on.
Daljeet and Harkeerat are popular cricketers in their games, and they will never miss the holiday games.
They insisted on going out to play, but Bigi did not relax.
\"Bigi, they are all my friends,\" daljette said loudly, with frustration in his voice.
\"They will never hurt us.
\"Friends, no friends, I can\'t allow you to be outside today,\" Biji said firmly. \"I saw a lot of outsiders in the colony this morning.
\"But, why\" Harkeerat argued with a wooden cricket stick covered with blue rubber on the handle, \"Why can\'t we go,\" Beeji \"interrupted the argument with a sharp knock on the door.
It\'s Jaspreet.
She lives in the same alley as her two sons.
Her husband works in Kuwait.
She looked anxious and panted.
\"Veera, don\'t go out today.
They plan to hold demonstrations in parts of the city, including us.
People are very angry with Sikhs.
She panted and said: \"We plan to go to Punjab and my aunt\'s house.
This is not very safe for us.
\"The emphasis on \'we\' is notable ---
Maintain friendship between tribes and territories.
Even before Beeji fully understood it, Jaspreet disappeared.
She saw Jaspreet walking into her home. de-
At the far end of the lane.
Crossing the maze of alleys of the Yamuna colony is like an ancient magic spell, simple but unsettling untrained eyes.
The sunny alley suddenly turned into a dark path. de-sacs or s. Each cul-
There are two or three houses in Desac that form a group.
The lanes are divided once, twice and three times, rambling like branches of an old tree until they are connected to the main street, forming multiple outlets and entry points.
House in a dead endde-
Sacs are larger than sacs in red and brown brick lanes, thus giving owners such as Jaspreet financial credibility.
The word says, \"only the rich can afford a house!
\"Each house is terminated, as if they were condemned by someone for exceeding their limits.
Yamuna is the authority of this conscious condemnation.
The rear rooms of all these houses have windows leading into the river.
The early morning breeze was filled with the smell of dead fish, kissing the cheeks of the wealthy owners of these houses.
In the monsoon, when Yamuna expands, the smell of the dead fish disappears, just as the fish no longer dies in the rain.
Special arrangements have been made by the owners to discharge the monsoon waters, which always enter the farthest houses in the area.
As the years passed, Yamuna slowly gave way to more and more houses in the colony.
The helpless River retreated just to show its occasional power during the monsoon.
The Trans-Yamuna colony is unique in many ways, not just the smell of dead fish purchased by the richest residents!
The lanes in this twisted colony are numbered at will.
There is no explanation why Lane 6 follows Lane 2 or lane 4 before Lane 3.
It seems that the number was done by a stubborn child, who was there seeking revenge from a strict math teacher.
The House of Kulwanti and Jaspreet is on the fourth lane.
There are only these two Sikh houses in that alley.
Consistent with the colonial chaotic custom, the two lanes behind Lane 4 are lane 9.
In addition to the lack of this logic of arbitrary numbering, Lane 9 has an illogical number of Sikh houses in another Hindu-dominated area, number 7!
The Brick Lane of the residence is further reduced due to the presence of drainage channels, or blocked by plastic bags, plastic bottles and other garbage
The product of human existence.
Every house has made a pious contribution in blocking the place where it once flowed.
Cross-gender House
The Yamuna colony has wooden doors, and some wealthy owners reinforce the main entrance with an additional metal door that can only lead out to the driveway.
When the iron passage is opened, it narrows the lane further.
It is not uncommon for scooters and rickshaws to hit metal gates;
Their unfortunate driver suffered more damage than the actual physical damage!
Late in the afternoon, clashes were reported in different parts of the city.
The country is in a state of shock and wants to avenge the murder.
This assassination is a human cost, no matter how heavy it is, it must be freed from this assassination.
News reporters from All India Radio said the situation was tense but was under control.
It sounds like \"dead but not dead\" to kurvanti \"!
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