Office door home door hotel apartment door villa door fashion clean anti-mite environmental protection fire-resistant solid wooden door

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-08

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Product parameters: [Applicable places] Office, hotel, school [product name] Mori Gongmen [product specifications] can be customized according to engineering site specifications, can be customized according to customer design sketch [material technology] HPL fire board! [Warranty period] 1 year warranty [internal substrate] solid wood keel frame, metal aluminum honeycomb filling. [Technical characteristics] Fireproof and antibacterial, no deformation, no shrinkage, no warping, no fission, moisture, sound, and pressure. [Door cover plate] 1.4MM thick pure metal aluminum alloy door frame [line] solid wood line [optional color] a variety of colors to choose from! [Production cycle] 15 days [product configuration] Set door: door fan + door cover + hardware [package description] thick non-slip foam paper + double-layer paper service hotline: advantages of Huang Zongsen ecological door:: simple appearance, Resistant to look, color and novelty. Second: product substrate 1. Aluminum alloy door frame: 1.4MM thick aluminum profile for door frame, anti-bacterial moisture-proof, insect-proof and deformation-proof performance is better than traditional wooden frame, and the bearing capacity is better! 2.HPL fireproof and antibacterial panel: high hardness, wear resistance and heat resistance. It can resist a certain concentration of acid, alkali, grease and alcohol. The surface is flat, not easy to deform, bright colors, non-toxic and odorless! Prevent plaque formation! 3. Pure metal aluminum honeycomb filler: strength-to-weight ratio: due to the continuous support of the core to the surface, the watch panel can fully exert its ability to withstand tensile or compressive loads; compared with traditional paper honeycomb, sound insulation, heat insulation , moisture and pressure resistance are better and more durable! 4. Hardware: The use of aluminum titanium magnesium alloy, the hardness is better, not easy to oxidize to prevent rust. Introduction to the finished product Sengongmen Factory pays attention to product details and pays attention to product quality. A series of tests prove that our process is more mature and the product quality is more reliable. It is mainly reflected in the following aspects: 1. The door frame of the forest ecological door uses metal aluminum alloy. More durable and durable than traditional wood frames, no deformation, no cracking, no shrinkage. It is better for moisture and insect proof. 2. The forest eco door is filled with metal aluminum honeycomb, which is several times more resistant to earthquake, pressure, moisture and life than traditional paper honeycomb. 3, the seal is made of aluminum alloy lines, more firm and more durable! Dubai Convention and Exhibition, strength certification Sengongmen's quality system 1. Sengongmen is exported to Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe and America. The quality system is directly monitored and tested by China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. We have many international certifications and product quality. Guaranteed. 2. Forest industry enterprises have their own export rights, and the annual export volume is over 10 million. Different products come from different companies; invite you to witness together, and Sengong is different. Please feel free to contact us at: Foshan Nanhai Samekom ECO-door CO.,LTD Address: No.1, Yiheng Road, Xizi Industrial Zone, Lishuihe Village, Nanhai District, Foshan City ADD: Yiheng Road Xizi Industrial Zone Lishui Nanhai CHINA Huang Telephone/TEL Fax/FAX Mailbox/E-mail manufacturer Foshan Nanhai District Sengongmen Factory provides you with office door, home door, apartment, apartment, villa door, fashion, clean, anti-mite, environmental protection, fireproof, solid wooden door, detailed product price, product picture and other product introduction information, you can directly Contact the manufacturer to obtain the specific information of the office door home door hotel apartment door villa door fashion clean anti-mite environmental protection fire-resistant solid wooden door, please indicate when you contact.

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