Old and new mahogany wood door recognition

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-12-16
In the current market, there are many original wooden doors that are still refurbished with fake and true. Most consumers are difficult to distinguish between fake and false, which has also become a headache for some consumers who have a special liking for mahogany furniture. What the old original wooden door leaves us is a kind of classical and elegant aesthetic feeling, which is difficult for beginners to distinguish, so how to distinguish the new and old of the original wooden door? Some wooden doors will have uneven wood grain on the surface, but it depends carefully on whether the wood grain is natural, because the renovated red wooden door can be brushed with smooth wood grain, if it is refurbished, the splicing of the wood grain above will be very unnatural, thus losing its elegant and natural temperament. If the copper pieces of the old wooden door are original, they should be rubbed by hands for decades or even hundreds of years. Some copper pieces will have a variety of patterns, including animals, flowers, auspicious characters, etc. The craftsmanship is difficult to copy today's coppers. In these material cultural heritage and intangible cultural heritage, the historical evolution and the development of humanistic culture are revealed all the time, making the original wooden door quite a bit of literature and art. Observe the bottom plate of the wooden door. The old wooden door, the bottom plate has an old gas that doesn't look like it. There are also matte black paints, but there is absolutely no trace of fire left by high temperature processing. Look at the Tenon, the mortise in the past was square, and the tip was locked. If you see the round ends of the eyes, it means that it is machined and it is definitely a new imitation.
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