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by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-19
The newly remodeled Clontarf bathroom is now one of the places to dine in Dublin, with a gentle interior decoration and a menu dominated by the waterfront, highlighting the recent unexpected food boom in the trendy D3 waterfront suburbs.
Except 2 euros.
A 4-meter remodel at the baths, Red Stables at St. Anne\'s Park on Saturday are great places to pick handmade food and organic meat and vegetables, and Nolan\'s supermarket is a good independent supermarket.
The Happy Cafe of Bull Wall is the place where everyone who is fortunate enough not to commute to work in the city center meets on the way to the beach to walk the dog while chatting and tasting delicious coffee.
Stretching along the waterfront to St. Lawrence Road, a tree-lined section consisting mainly of Victorian-style red bricks, extends to Hoth Road.
It is considered one of the most desirable extensions of the Clontarf, and if the budget allows, loyal Northerners are eager to live here.
100 is unusual for this street, as it is not singlefronted.
Looking at the front of the house, you may think it has extended to the side to double it
But in fact, the building was original and started in 1884.
The current owner understands that the property was acquired by a builder in 1975 after it failed to be sold at auction.
The purchase price at that time was No. very-
The figure, the 25-thousand-pound Prince, promises to shed tears on someone currently trapped in the trenches of Dublin\'s residential market who wants to be a buyer.
According to the current owner, the house was in poor condition at the time, almost abandoned, and the new owner began to renovate it.
He divided it into four separate apartments, one in the four quadrants of the hotel, one in the left and right of the front hall and two floors.
The address was kept in the apartment until 2007, when it was acquired by the current owner, a trade Carpenter, who started a mission to return it to a family home, I have lived in it since then.
No. 100 still retains a large number of features of the times, but it is also suitable for modern family life and has dual features
Glass windows and gas
Central heating.
One of the Great, obvious, double advantages
The front house is its width, on a road like St. Lawrence, the parking lot is upscale and there is space for several cars in the gravel area in front of the hotel.
For families with teenagers and young people living at home-
When the number of cars in use begins to multiply --
This will be a major attraction.
The house has a total of 3,090 square feet of living space.
The reception hall extends from the front door to the kitchen at the back with beautiful original tile floors and high ceilings with decorative decorations.
There is a convenient guest toilet outside the lobby.
The living room is located on the right side of the hall, as well as a decorative cloakroom, as well as a large windowsill overlooking the front driveway and a period fireplace.
The living room and dining room are connected by double doors, with polished wood floors and another inviting fireplace in the dining room.
On the left side of the front hall is the living room with a square bay window and a stove to keep comfortable in winter.
Independent research behind the living room can be used as a study room or playroom according to the needs of the new owner.
The extended kitchen/breakfast room is located at the far end of the hall, leading to the paved and decorated terrace area directly behind the house, entering through the double open door with smart plantation shutters.
The kitchen is equipped with a stylish light gray modern tongue slot cabinet and a series of integrated appliances;
The hotel also offers laundry facilities.
Upstairs, the stair platform leads to five bedrooms, four of which are decent --
The fifth is a neat box with a built-inin wardrobes.
The master bedroom is behind the house on the right-
A few steps from the hand side to the dressing room and the connected bathroom.
The main family bathroom is adjacent to this connecting bathroom at the back of the House and has not been installed until recently.
Separate bathtub and power shower. The double-
The width of the garden means that the garden is spacious.
It is surrounded by the boundary of the planting and the boundary of the wall, and a large wooden shed.
There is also a rear passage of the vehicle.
One of the reasons that Clontarf is considered so popular is of course that it is close to the city center and also close to IFSC and East Point Commercial Park.
The transportation to the city center is well connected with darts and bus service, but many locals prefer to start their day by bike or even jogging to work.
The monthly price of ClontarfDublin is euro.
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