once-closed russian city opens doors for the world cup

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-22
Novgorod, Russia (Reuters)-
During the Soviet period, foreigners were banned from entering the closed city of Novgorod, the location of the secret weapons program, and the exile of the famous dissident Andrey Saharov.
Now the ancient city of Russia 1.
A circle of 2 million people, welcome unprecedented outsiders from at least three continents to participate in six World Cup matches at the spectacular new Riverside Stadium.
Once they can\'t leave before 1991 Off
In the Soviet Union, foreign fans are now playing the first game for Novgorod on Monday: Sweden is broadcasting live to South Korea.
\"I read the history of the city and it sounded like a terrible place during the Cold War!
But look now.
The Times have changed significantly, \"said Swedish fan Axel Gustafsson, who asked a friendly local to take a selfie at the stadium at the intersection of the Volga River and the Oka River.
Compared with the past chapter, the city became one of the most open cities in Russia in more than 1990 years.
Governor Boris Nemtsov
Now, at the World Cup, authorities are doing everything they can to welcome fans: welcome slogans are everywhere at the airport and on the road.
Novgorod will also play Argentina against Croatia, England against Panama and Switzerland against Gora in the group stage.
And the last one-16 and quarter-
The final showdown of 45,000
Capacity stadium.
Locals want fans to explore the city\'s heritage
Including the 16 th century \"Kremlin\"
Besides drinking, singing and watching sports.
While the excitement is obvious, there is also some unease about the uncertain future of the stadium, the incomplete restoration of the monument, the destruction of old wooden houses in parts of the city, and the possibility of British hooligans. “It is double-sided.
Now, of course, the whole world is interested in our city.
There are many new possibilities for businesses to make money, \"said Artem Filatov, a 27-year-old local artist.
\"But not everyone is happy. . .
I really hope that foreigners will not only come for football, but also see other things in the city: museums, centers for contemporary art.
\"When British fans arrive, they may not be aware of a famous compatriot who visited Novgorod on 1993 --
Respect the former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher of the reformist Nemtsov.
Formerly known as Gorky, Nizhny Novgorod is second only to Maxim Gorky, a writer.
Restrictions on foreigners and Russians
The inhabitants of the Soviet Union.
Physicist and human rights activist Saharov, who won the 1975 Nobel Peace Prize, was expelled to Gorky in his 1980 s after opposing the invasion of Afghanistan to minimize his contact with the outside world.
\"No matter what happened here in the past, it looks like a beautiful and friendly place for me now,\" Gustav song said before taking a taxi to explore the local \"Kremlin.
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