Original wooden door accessories purchase strategy

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-12-27
With the anti-war of the original wooden door industry, consumers have higher and higher requirements for wooden doors, and some even have requirements for other accessories of wooden doors. The following Runcheng introduces how to choose the original wooden door accessories to match the original wooden door. The paint of the door and the door cover should be the same. The door should be bought. The woodworking site is expensive and not beautiful, so the door must be a finished product. If the door cover is made on site, the door should buy a plain door that has not been painted, so that the paint of the door and the door cover can be consistent. If the door cover buys a painted finished door cover, then the door should also buy the same original wooden door manufacturer's finished paint door. After all, if the technology is consistent, the finished product can be good. If you are not familiar with the product itself, if you look for another manufacturer to contract, obviously this is not something they are good at and familiar. Door covers and skirting lines can be made on site. Door covers and skirting lines can be bought or done on site. The advantage of the site is that the price will be cheaper. The installation between the door skirting line and the wall can be more docile, and the installation fastness is better. If there is a small touch paint, it is easier to repair, the shortage is that the style is relatively simple. If the quality is not good, it will be very easy to crack at the corner. The advantage of purchasing the finished door cover is that the style is more beautiful, the finished paint effect is definitely better than the on-site paint, the construction period is short and the installation is fast, and the Bad Place is that the price is relatively high, the installation fastness and the adhesion to the wall are worse than the site. If there is a small touch paint, it is not easy to repair. In this respect, you can directly find the relevant original wooden door manufacturers, in general, these original wooden doors will also be produced, because the product system can be complete. When installing, it is necessary to repair and correct. If the economic conditions are good, it is recommended to buy a complete set of doors, door covers and skirting lines. If you consider the benefits, you can buy a door cover and then buy a finished door. Warm reminder, if you decide to buy a complete set of doors, door covers and skirting lines, you must have the Decoration Master trim the surrounding areas of the door cover and the skirting line, otherwise, the effect of the installed door, door cover and skirting line will be greatly reduced, even worse than on-site production.
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