Original wooden door consumer psychology

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-12-29
With the gradual maturity of the original wooden door industry, consumers' ideas about the original wooden door products have also changed. Faced with this change, the original wooden door manufacturers need to fully understand their psychological changes, in order to obtain the real needs of consumers, in order to better develop more suitable for their original wooden door products. The female consumption market has become the leading family and the main group of the original wooden door consumption. They will have the opportunity to consider purchasing new original wooden doors when purchasing new houses, relocating and refurbishing. Women already have a considerable position in family decision-making. Traditionally, they are the main guides of a family's consumption in this respect. According to statistics, nearly 60% of women pay attention to the market dynamics of physical wooden door stores and have great willingness to obtain updated and timely Internet product information from these stores. Strong user experience is the hot spot that consumers are most concerned about the service-oriented product of the original wooden door. Whether you are in a store or shopping online, this kind of consumer service experience will also affect consumers' purchasing decisions. The concept of material and quality priority for consumers has been deeply rooted. In addition, the concept of environmentally friendly original wooden doors has been involved in the past few years. The original wooden door enterprises should combine these concepts in product processing and publicity, in order to impress consumers to explore the idea of enterprise products. Understand the consumption psychology from the perspective of consumption psychology, the consumption demand of consumers has gone through the sublimation from the basic physiological demand to the five levels of respect demand and self-realization demand, and the consumption concept and level have also increased accordingly, wooden door enterprises should change according to actual needs. Some data show that in the past year, the development of the whole household industry has been sluggish, but only the market of advanced customized household products and high-end original wooden doors has not been affected at all. The development of original wooden door manufacturers should dig deep into the psychological needs of consumers and provide them with targeted needs so that the original wooden door manufacturers can continue to grow and realize development. Want to know more about the problem, welcome to consult.
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