Original wooden door factory care tips

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-12-14
Nowadays, when people buy the original wooden door, the style and sensory feeling are very important. In this era of mainly looking at the 'face', even if the original wooden door is more durable, the anti-wear and anti-pressure ability is better, however, in daily use, it is inevitable that there will be wear and tear. When these small conditions occur, how can we avoid them in time? We need to know some common sense in daily use. The surface of the original wooden door is easy to have a slight scratch on the surface of the wooden door. When this problem occurs, everyone will generally panic and don't know how to solve it, in fact, this kind of scratch is generally not touched the actual material of the wooden door, so it is relatively simple when processing, you can first apply it with the toothpaste at home, when the surface is dry, apply it with crayons of similar color to the wooden door, and finally apply a thin layer of nail polish on the outside, which looks exactly the same as before. The surface is stained with water. Indoor doors are prone to water adhering to the surface of wooden doors, especially toilet doors. If they are not treated for a long time, water stains will easily occur, and it is easy to make water droplets on the surface enter the interior of the wooden door, which will cause a series of problems such as damp deformation of the wooden door in serious cases. When this problem occurs, everyone must use a cotton dry rag for timely treatment. Remember not to use a wet rag or a hard object to wipe it so as not to scratch the surface of the wooden door. Surface crack treatment wooden door itself is prone to thermal expansion and contraction, so wooden doors will also appear thermal expansion and contraction in daily use, and many consumers will encounter cracks in wooden doors, if the crack in the wooden door is not very large, you can apply it with glue. When the glue is dry, apply it again. When the surface is dry, apply it gently with nail polish, in this way, the surface crack will be relieved, and if it is still serious, professionals will have to be invited to deal with it.
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