our top sales of last week both went to families at prices well over the $1 million mark

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-27
Last week, the Godfrey Terrace in Leabrook was the best-selling house in Adelaide.
Source: millions of household goods
The dollar budget was behind two highly competitive auctions on Adelaide\'s sales charts last week. A three-
Bedroom bungalow with pool in Leabrook for $1.
6 million and deluxe modern Four
The bedroom house in Rockley cost $1. 35 million.
Yi Hui Yue Tce, Leabrook has three bedrooms, a 1170sqm block and a swimming pool.
Source: supply edtoop & Toop Real Estate agent Tim Thredgold sold the Leabrook house for 4 Godfrey Tce, he said it attracted 9 registered bidders, about 15
20 per cent higher than its reserves.
He said that all bidders were families attracted by the size and prime location of the 1170sqm block in the center of the eastern suburbs.
\"The house is really beautiful and has the potential to do more with it,\" he said . \".
\"It was renovated 25 years ago.
He said that the buyer\'s interest was \"separated\" between those who were keen on decorating and those who were happy to move in and stay at home \".
The land area may attract developers, but Thredgold says \"we may leave them behind in terms of their sales level \".
He attributed the strong sales to the general lack of inventory in Adelaide\'s high-end market.
\"There are some statistics in this place that show that people spend longer time at home than in the past,\" Mr Thredgold said . \".
Judy Myers of Ouwens Casserly Real Estate sold Lockley\'s house in 34 Cross St.
Prior to the auction day, it attracted about 100 interested groups to participate in five public and private viewing sessions, she said.
34 Cross St, this is a custombuilt four-
The bedroom came home from 2013.
Source: The supplier has 11 registered bidders on the same day and at home, and the sales price is US $1.
1 million, well above its reserves.
MS Miles said the auction took about 15 minutes and was \"unexpected \".
\"We think it will cost about $1. 2 million —
This is a bit too much-
\"You just don\'t know until that day,\" she said . \".
\"One person is up $50,000 and you rarely see it, at least in Adelaide.
\"The strong interest of buyers in the House is not surprising.
\"When I walked into it, I said to myself, \'I have to sell this house \'.
When you love a house, you know it will attract buyers, \"MS Myers said.
34 Cross St, lockys has folding doors open from the back kitchen/living area.
Source: supply \"it has a real wow factor. . .
There are two doors, polished concrete floor and hardwood floor.
\"There is a large slider stack in the back area (of doors —
Open so you can go through the House and pass through the entertainment area of the backyard.
She said she was interested in the four.
The bedrooms are mainly from the family, many of whom have children in their teens and are attracted to the upstairs living area, which has a library, living area, bathroom and three small bedrooms.
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