outside opening; glass doors slide inside channels of prefabricated metal frame

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-16
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If the homeowner chooses a location that already has a window or door, it is much easier to install the glass door.
The procedures involved in preparing the opening remarks were detailed in the first half of this article last week.
As described in the column, after the wall opening of the appropriate size, it is usually necessary to install a new 4x8 head beam at the top of the door.
This size beam is sufficient for openings with a width of up to 8 feet
However, for specific data in this regard, the homeowner should consult his local construction department or licensed architect.
First nail the floor to the ceiling on each side of the opening.
Then pin the shorter studs flat on these studs (
Opening inside)
In this way, the upper end forms a resting place for the head beam that will cross the top of the frame.
If the wall cut into is a load-bearing wall, then a temporary support frame must be erected inside to prevent the ceiling from sagging or cracking during work (
This was described in last week\'s column).
Many logging yards, suppliers of building materials and some of the larger mail order companies have sliding glass doors with metal door frames and rolling rails.
The prices of these doors range from $75 to $200, and the five-foot doors are larger in size and higher in proportion.
The wide variation in prices is caused by differences in general buildings and types of glass included.
The lowest priced units have plain crystal glass, while the better units have inch-thick flat glass doors.
The best quality unit is double glass and no separate storm doors are required.
In most cases, the metal frame of the door will be removed and ready to be assembled at work.
The corners will have been installed or reclined so that the frame can be assembled neatly inside the opening.
In any case, the buyer shall ensure that the assembly instructions are included-
Unless the equipment assembled by the factory is being purchased.
With an advertisement for the door frame at hand, the homeowner can cut his wall opening into the exact size needed, making sure he allows the 8 or 10-inch top beam to go through the top.
He must also take into account the extra thickness of the double bolts required on each side.
After the frame was completed, he then stavts fixed the metal door passage in place by loosely screwing the pieces to the bolts on both sides and the beams on the top.
Wood blocks should be inserted if necessary so that the metal frame can be firmly supported on all sides without being forced to lose alignment.
Screws driven through the top (horizontal)
At this point, members of the framework should not be pulled tightly.
The door frame should not tighten the screws tightly until both sides and the top are blocked and swayed where needed.
Before tightening these screws, to check the alignment of the door frame, a large square should be used to test each corner.
A long mental height should also be used to check the horizontal alignment of the top cross, as well as the vertical alignment of the side blocks.
The screws that place the top of the frame against the head beam should be tightened finally to ensure that the frame does not pull out the line when doing so. .
In most cases, it is better to leave a little space between the top of the metal frame and the bottom of the head beam.
Glass doors can now be installed, and each glass door is tested to make sure it rolls freely in both directions.
If the door is adjustable, corrections should be made in accordance with the manufacturer\'s instructions.
Styling and decoration should only be installed inside and outside the frame when the glass door is in place and running smoothly.
The surface of the floor and wall can be finally repaired and repaired.
A version of the file was printed on page X26 of The New York edition on June 7, 1964 with the title: external opening;
Glass doors slide inside the channel of the prefabricated metal frame.
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