Painting process and characteristics of wooden doors

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-02-19
Guangdong wooden door painting has many different processes, the principle of its process design is to select the appropriate coating variety, determine the coating operation process and the configuration of related equipment according to the customer's requirements and standards for wooden door products. From the surface effect requirements of Guangdong wooden door products, we can divide them into fully enclosed effect and semi-open effect; At the same time, it can be divided into transparent effect and solid color effect. Guangdong wooden door analysis in the market, we can see most of the wooden door products, the surface of the coating effect is fully enclosed transparent colored effect, the main types of paint used are pu paint. We will introduce the process and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each process with the fully enclosed transparent colored effect of PU coating. The above basic process ( , Suitable for most wooden door enterprises paint painting operations.
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